5 Vital Tips To Finding The Right Staff For Every Startup

5 Vital Tips To Finding The Right Staff For Every Startup

All businesses, no matter how big or small, have one common goal: to expand. Or they should, at least! Even if your business is babysitting; the only way to make more money and be more productive is to grow your client base.

Expanding and growing a business requires a team. Many startups, for example, rely on family members or friends to help them go through their initial staffing period. This is particularly true when you’re in the restaurant business.

The drawback with hiring friends or family is that firing them, if necessary, becomes a bigger issue than it has to be. But before you start working on your firing skills, which is quite an art in itself, you need to work on your hiring skills.

To help you with that, here are 5 vital tips to help you find the right staff for your startup. Consider them and you’ll have a much easier time finding the right people to help you reach your goals and have a more successful business, no matter what it is.


  1. Value Skill Sets More Than Fast Learners

As the owner of a startup, you need your staff to do their job well. This requires training, of course, but your employees should already have a developed skill set you can build upon. This will benefit your business a lot more than people who don’t have a defined skill set and claim to be fast learners. Fast learners are people who will need a lot of help learning what they need to get the job done. This is not something you have time for in the beginning, so go for people with developed skill sets.


  1. Really Analyze Their Resume

If you’re ever written a resume yourself, then you already know people pad it and make it look better than it actually is. As the owner of a startup business, you need to be able to analyze resumes in such a way that you can recognize embellishments. Remember you need people with a skill set you can use, so you must go deep into their resume. When it’s time to meet the candidate, focus on learning about the challenges they’ve encountered. How long they stayed at a job will tell you very little!


  1. Check Their References

Along with their resume, you will need to check their references very carefully. Any candidate worth considering will have references from previous work experiences. So make sure you check them and try to find out more than what they’re telling you. If the references are glowing, then you should be able to confirm the former employee’s thoughts when you speak to them. Pay attention to what they say and don’t say as well!


  1. Your Team’s Opinion Matters

If you already have a small team in your startup business or if you’ve got a business partner, make sure you include them in the hiring process. You can bring them into interviews or ask them to help you go through candidates and choose the ones you’ll call. Either way, make sure you know what they think about the candidates. You want your staff to be a team, and for that to happen they need to get along. Failing to bring your current employees into the hiring process can be a big mistake in the long run.


  1. Put Your New Employees on Probation

Even if your candidates have a great resume and they do amazing in their job interview, there’s still a chance they could fail at the job. This is why you need to out them through a probation period. This is something you need to make clear from the start and the probation period can go from a month to six months. Once they go through probation, you will have enough information. Are they team players? Did they live up to the expectations you had? Do they bring something else to the table? These are questions you need to ask yourself and the answers will determine whether or not they should stay with your startup.

When your startup grows and you need to hire new people, choosing wisely is key!

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