Author: Andrew Patrick

4 Hacks To Super Cheap Cruise Tickets

What is a better vacation than that spent on a cruise? You get to explore beautiful islands with picturesque landscapes with the perks of delicious dishes, fun activities and other VIP services right at your doorstep. You relax on the open sea and behold nature at its peak.

However, the challenge here is the cost which can be as high as $1,239 per room and as much as an extra $498 for additional in-purchases while on board.

The good news here is that you can go on your dream cruise vacation on a much lesser price. You only need to know the secrets to saving so as to book a cruise that is within your budget range.

Here are four ways you can make this happen.

Adopt flexible vacation dates

You can cut costs on cruise fares if you are more flexible with your travel dates. This means, you should be ready to take vacations even on shot notices. Huge savings on cruise fares can be accessed at the very last minute.

Just like airline tickets, cruise fares change constantly; they could drop or increase by as much as hundreds of dollars. However, the patterns of change for cruises are unique in that, the price of rooms reduces as the departure date gets closer.

Cruise ships won’t want to leave the port with empty rooms thus they offer very fair prices on the last-minute bookings. Booking at this period (at least about three to six weeks before the ship’s stipulated date of departure) could save you some money.

You can choose to travel on a weekday when others are likely to be at work or doing other businesses or you can decide to forfeit some degree of comfort and stay in any kind of cabin. This could get you some discount as well.

Cruise during the ‘wave season’

Most people won’t want to travel when the tides are high in the sea thus such season is an off season for cruise lines. It is also the cheapest period to travel. This period usually runs from January through March and also forms some of the coldest months of the year.

Because people are not interested in going for cruises during this period, cruise deals for this period could be discounted by as much as 75 per cent.

Asides the huge discounts, you might as well get to see other promotions. If you can book when others are indoors, you are very much likely to save a lot of money.

Choose a cruise that is close to home

Cruises might seem quite pricey however; you should know that one factor that contributes to the cost of your trip is distance. If you live near the cruise ship port, there won’t be need for you to travel across a long distance just to board the ship. Thus, you would be saving some money for your vacation too.

The popular cruise destinations used to be places like California and Florida. However, recently, cruise ports are now made to be closer to homes. They now also depart from other cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston, New Orleans, Seattle and Baltimore whilst heading to other exciting places like Caribbean, Bahamas and Canada.

When next you want to go on a cruise, you can with a last minute fare as well as close to home. This will increase your flexibility as well as cut costs.

Make online searches before you book

It may see you have seen a cruise that is departing soon which is within your budget, hang on! Do not book immediately. Do not with the first cruise line that you see. Do little more research as there could even be better deals out there.

You can start with searching for discounts on certain cruise fares. Other sites like Priceline, Expedia, LastMinuteTravel and CruiseDirect would give you more information as regards this.

Go ahead and set price alerts and take your time to compare benefits as well as itineraries. With better information at the tip of your fingers, you get to choose the best cruise that meets the need of your vacation and your interests at a more affordable price.

Advantages Of Hiring A Real Estate Coach

Interested in becoming a realtor? Do you know the benefits of being a real estate professional? Are you interested in real estate coaching? It’s a fact that if you are a realtor, you have a lot of advantages. You can improve your communication skills which can help you negotiate a better.  If you hire a real estate coach to teach you the art of the real estate business, you can perform even better.  In fact, It can lead to a successful real-estate business. But what are the benefits of hiring a real estate coach?

Proper Business Planning

If you own a business, you may know that planning is the base of a successful business. A well-designed business plan leads the business to success compared to a business without a business plan. Real estate is also a business, and it needs proper planning.. You can get services of a professional business plan writer specifically for this purpose. It may even be beneficial if you compose your business plan on your own. However, if you are new to Real Estate you may want to hire an experienced realtor instead.

A real-estate coach may train you to help get insight into your possible clients.  Through years of experience the real estate coach is able to make reliable estimates and give you new opportunities. You may establish your ultimate objectives and a successful marketing plan to achieve all you want. A coach can give you a real estimate of revenues and expenditures which will leads you to profit.

Networking & Communication

You may be a successful real estate agent if you have an expanded network. The more clients you have, the better are the chances of a deal.  You must have an interaction with your tentative clients and engage them with you. A few property agents should also be in your network. It reflects the skills of a successful coach if he makes you an expert in networking.  You have a variety of ideas and can express what you are planning. You can make a positive impression. And learn how to build business relations.

Marketing Strategy

You may learn through real estate courses. You may join a seminar and read real estate books and articles.  However, that will not translate to experience, experience is a necessity. According to a recent study, a coach may increase revenue up to 25% a year as compared to those who have not hired a coach. The improvement of marketing skills is the main reason for this increase.

It means a coach may polish your marketing skills. You may do this by copying your coach and asking questions. If you compare your strategies with your coach’s techniques, you may be able to develop your communication skills. Your coach is your mentor, who will help you a lot. You may evaluate your business strategy; you may market your skills and have new ideas for your business.

Independent Business

You may run your real estate business as an independent professional. You need not work under a boss if you are skilled. You may win real estate contracts and work on your own. You may grow your business through your skills, expertise and efforts. The best part is, you break out of the 9 to 5 and wont have anyone no one to order you around. This is all possible if you put in the work.

Though a positive behavior and professional ethics are necessary, you must have an insight into your business and a dynamic marketing strategy. A coach may share his experience and impact your knowledge of all business tactics allowing you to take full control of your future.

It’s very possible to become a skilled realtor with the help of a coach.  Starting off, you may not know of all the barriers however, having a seasoned professional on your side will help overcome these barriers before they arise. After further training and once you pass the real estate evaluation. You may pass any real estate evaluation, and this may help you to become a broker.

How To Select A Coach?

Finding a coach isn’t hard, however you must ask yourself these questions.  First, identify your requirements, what are your weak points? Do you want a business plan or to polish your skills? Picking the coach with the best portfolio is the best way to go.  Ask yourself who can bring a change in you and your business today?

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Tested For STDs!

It’s easy to take no notice of STD screenings; let’s face, most people do based on their misplaced assumption that it’s only certain lifestyles that cause certain people to contract an STD.

The reality, however, is much different. Anyone who is sexually active is at risk from STDs. And if you think it will be obvious if you’ve picked up an STD, you are wrong!

Here are just 4 reasons why you should get tested for STDs:


  1. STDs Can Be Contracted By Everyone.

If you think you have some sort of immunity to STDs, you should think again. Everyone is vulnerable to an STD, even if you have never had sex. All it takes is mere contact with an STD carrier and you are at risk.

The common perception is that the act of sex is the only means of transmission, but some STDs can transfer through a kiss or skin-to-skin contact.

According to Very Well Health  STDs present in a variety of forms and have many methods of spreading including a simple touch or exchange of saliva. Many people are unwary carriers of STDs and this is why it is imperative that you get tested.


  1. STDs Can Be Carried Unknowingly For Years.

It’s a common misconception that having an STD has obvious signs. Many STDs have no visible sign, nor feeling of discomfort to indicate their presence, so remain unnoticed.

Also, many symptoms of STDs remain dormant for weeks or even years in some cases. So, you could suddenly start noticing the signs long after being infected.

Very Well health notes, for instance, Gonorrhea doesn’t show any signs for weeks or even months, as with Syphilis and Chlamydia. Whereas, Chancroid will start showing after only a few days.

Certainty about whether you have an STD can only be achieved through testing. Early testing will also allow  you treat your condition early, therefore avoiding many or all symptoms before they appear; and reducing the risk of you spreading the condition.


  1. Diagnosis Is Difficult and Complications Can Arise.

If the symptoms of your STD are not presenting for several weeks or months, it is very difficult to conduct a proper diagnosis. Who is going to think about STDs until they’ve already got one; and without signs, who thinks they’ve got one? This strengthens the argument for planning routine, regular testing.

Another reason you should consider routine testing is advised by; your local GP may have wrongly diagnosed you with something else other than an STD. This is because even when symptoms do present, they can often look like other diseases. So, unless you are being tested for a specific STD, the symptoms could be misinterpreted as flu or some other short term illness.

If this is the case, then your STD will remain misdiagnosed and complications can arise resulting in increasingly severe symptoms. Even worse, according to, can be the onset of more serious medical conditions like infertility, inflammatory disease or meningitis.

Early diagnosis of your STD will allow early treatment which will limit the effects the STD can have.


  1. STD Testing Is Straightforward, It Can Be Done In Private and It Can Be Done Locally. 

One of the main reasons for people not getting tested comes down to fear of the unknown. They are unaware of what an STD test involves and they are frightened by what an STD test result may reveal.

Getting an STD test is straightforward and usually involves nothing more than providing a blood or urine sample, There will be many locations near you where you can get one done; your local medical center or college campus, for example, will be able to test you for STDs. All you need to do is turn up and request that you have a test done.

There is often a negative connotation around having an STD test and most people want it conducted in complete privacy. Of course, your personal details will be kept in strict medical confidence and the only people aware of the results of your test are kept between you and your doctor.

A bonus reason why you should consider getting an STD test is this; according to Planned Parenthood, the cost of the test sits within the Affordable Care Act so should be covered by your health insurance in full or with a reduction in price.


Don’t Delay – Get Tested Today!

So, you’ve just read 4 great reasons as to why you should get tested for STDs and there is no time to act like the present to get a confidential status of your sexual health.

If you do discover that you have an STD, there are plenty of options to treat it or get it completely cured in some cases.

Having an STD test will give you peace of mind about your own medical condition; about protecting your partner’s condition; and about limiting the spread of your STD unwittingly.

You should realize that checking for STDs is not part of a doctor’s normal health checks. It is your responsibility to ask for an STD specifically and here are numerous locations where you can request this confidential test.

Remember, many STDs do not present their symptoms early and when they do it can mimic other illnesses. Act now, before it is too late, so that you and your partner will be able to enjoy a happy relationship without the worry of an unknown STD.