Best Online Stockbrokers

Best Online Stockbrokers

The idea of trading stocks online might sound complicated, but it is not. Seniors can invest their savings and try to increase their finances through stocks trading, provided they have the right trading platform and knowledge.

You can only trade stocks online using online stockbrokers and here is a compilation of the best five online stockbrokers you could choose

Ally Invest

Ally operates an online bank with hosts of banking choices that are customer friendly. They also offer a unique service which allows both experienced and first-time stock traders to invest with them.

What Makes Ally One of The Best?

With Ally Invest, you get the lowest commission and charges available in the market affording you the opportunity of saving cost.

Ally Invest offers market research tools to enable you to make smart trade decisions. They as well make provision for budget-friendly trades for people with low trading capital.

What Makes Ally A Great Choice for Seniors?

Ally Invest handles most of the work for people with little knowledge about investing. Their website and trading platform are straightforward to navigate, making it appropriate for seniors that aren’t tech-savvy.

You also do not need sophisticated gadgets or software to trade with Ally Invest, as you can manage your investment from a regular desktop computer.


As one of the pioneers of online stock trading, people have been investing with E*TRADE for decades. Till today they are living up to their reputation as one of the best online stockbrokers.

What Makes E*TRADE One of The Best?

Aside from its stainless reputation as an online brokerage firm, whatever kind whatever investing you want can be handled by E*TRADE. They accommodate both long term investors with diversified portfolios and traders with multiple trading platforms.

What Makes E*TRADE A Great Choice for Seniors?

Though investing, especially when retired or about to retire is a good idea, it comes with its risks. E*TRADE is well equipped and committed to helping seniors minimize risks while making the most of their investment.

They have different trading options for every kind of trader and offer low trading cost and commission. Depending on your level and experience in trading, there are suitable web platforms available to you. Free market resources like market data, analyst research, are provided by E*TRADE to help investors make smart trade decisions.


TD Ameritrade

They are well known for their guidance and support to especially new traders. They provide excellent research, various investing tools, and financial products that are very helpful to both new and experienced traders.

What Makes TD Ameritrade One of The Best?

Ameritrade pride themselves in the research, tools, and support they provide which is one of the top features that distinguish them from their competitors. With Ameritrade, you can screen through stocks, options, and mutual funds to be better informed in choosing investments.

Their trading fees and commission is reasonable, and they have plenty of investment options in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs.

What Makes TD Ameritrade A Great Choice for Seniors?

Ameritrade provides research, information, and guidance that is helpful, especially to seniors that are new to online trading. They also have physical branches across the United States where you can go for one on one consultation.


Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments provides varieties of suitable investments that are appropriate for aging adults. Recent changes in the online brokerage firm have made it more affordable and easier to manage.

What Makes Fidelity Investments One of The Best?

Fidelity Investments provides some of the most impressive research in the industry. NerdWallet referred to Fidelity Investments as Unmatched in their research offering.

With access to several providers which provides information about funds and investments, it is easier to make smart strategies.

What Makes Fidelity Investments A Great Choice for Seniors?

Seniors who want low fees investment with valuable research will find Fidelity Investments as their best choice. With Fidelity Investments, you can enjoy low-cost fees while growing your investment.


Merrill Edge

Though Merrill Edge is still an unpopular online broker, they are fast gaining acceptance among investors. One added advantage they have is that they are connected to the Bank of America.

What Makes Merrill Edge One of The Best?

Merrill Edge is a good option for people with significant savings or investments. With their competitive fees and low commissions, people just starting will find it likable.

What Makes Merrill Edge a Great Choice for Seniors?

The online platform of this broker is appropriate for seniors that are not tech-savvy, as their platform is easily navigable. Seniors who have accounts with Bank of America will enjoy special offers from the broker.

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