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How To Maintain The Fire Of Love And Passion In Marriage

Most married couples have the challenge of keeping the fire of love burning and maintaining a healthy sex life. This problem is so common that many people feel its natural for the flame of love between a married couple to dwindle over time.  However, the truth is that many married couples across the world are still keeping the fire burning after decades of marriage.

What most couples do not realize is that some factors come to play to keep the fire of love burning between couples. These factors help married couples live a balanced lifestyle that meets their emotional needs and desire for companionship. Although some couples cannot have intimate moments due to health and other reasons, there is no reason for healthy couples to live a sexless life. A healthy marriage should consistently have romantic moments.

Follow the tips listed below to keep the love and passion in your marriage burning continuously.

Have Fun and Adventurous moments

Do you remember when you started dating? Things were very exciting at those times because you’re always engaged in various activities together. You need to do the same thing in marriage to keep the fire glowing.  So, get to work and write down the adventures you can have together. Be young at heart again, explore the world, and have fun.

Try to Be Playful and Impulsive with Your Partner

Most couples are usually playful and impulsive while dating but all that gradually stopped after marriage. But have you ever sat down to think that those little playful moments led you to marry your spouse? So, why should such playful and spontaneous moments stop after marriage? Be playful with each other, touch your spouse spontaneously, and have playful time together always.

Don’t take your partner for granted after marriage. Surprise your spouse with gifts, buy treats, and personal items. All these small things keep the fire burning when you do them consistently.

Have a Healthy and Passionate Sexual Relationship

It is natural for sex life to become boring instead of passionate when an individual is passing through stress. That is the reason why you should take time off to relax with your spouse. Forget about the pressure of work and your personal challenges, and you will see passion and excitement coming back to your sex life again.

Another important aspect that keeps the fire of love glowing is the art of lovemaking itself.  Rather than using the same monotonous sex positions all the time, you should research new ones.  You can even change the location for your intimate moments, try it on the Sofa, book a hotel, and spend a honeymoon weekend. You can even shop online for sex toys that can spice up your sex life.

Research About Sex.

People think they know everything about sex, “Afterall. I have been doing it for years,” many will say. But have you ever stopped to think that you have never actually learned how to make love? You have been doing it by natural instinct all these while. That is why you should pick up a book about sexual intercourse and see the new things you can learn. You might be able to discover new sex positions that you or your lover would like. You may discover diets and strategies that will help you improve your sexual stamina. Get a book or video and learn more about sex.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Get Help

Marriage is not a bed of roses. But even roses have thorns. Don’t be depressed if you are passing through a difficult time in your marriage. It happens to people all the time, but the way you react to the challenges when the surface makes the difference.  At such times, you should seek help from a professional marriage counselor, They are trained marriage therapists that can help you navigate through your problems and spark the fire of love again.


Do not believe the false notion that passion diminishes in marriage with time. Married couples can maintain passion and love for a lifetime.  If you implement the strategies above, your love life will continue to glow after decades in marriage.


Gardening Tips

Do you want to start your own garden? Then you should go ahead because your garden has many benefits. For instance, you can grow your own veggies in the garden and save costs at the groceries store. It also improves your health because you will always get fresh veggies from the garden. The garden also gives your home a beautiful curb appeal.  Moreover, you derive mental and emotional wellness when you take care of your garden, fell creative, and stay close to nature.

Starting your own garden is not complicated. You can use this easy to follow this season-by-season guide to start your own garden.

In the spring…

Just like the name implies, the spring season is the best time for you to do your planting. Before you start, you should map out the location where you want to plant your garden. Make sure that the location you select has access to lots of sunlight. Typically, most plants need lots of exposure to the sun to thrive well. But the amount of sunlight also depends on the plant. So, you will have to do some homework here.

Once you have mapped out the location, the next step is to prepare the soil. Before you go through the trouble of preparing your soil, make sure the soil is the right type. Plants will thrive well on soil with a high amount of organic nutrients. Such type of soil is usually dark in color. If the soil is not the right type for a garden, you can search for a local supplier that can deliver nutrient-rich garden soil to your home. Once you are set with the soil, you should use markets to designate the places where you want to grow your plants. The markets are essential to help you remember the planting locations.

In the summer…

When you have finished marking your garden, the next step is to start planting, and this is the fun part of the entire garden creation process.  Once you have planted the seeds, you should make sure you water them regularly. Once a day is appropriate, but the timing is very important. You should water your garden plants in the cool of the day (mornings or evenings). This timing is to prevent destroying the roots of the plant due to excessive heat when the soil is hot.

You may need to add organic matter to the soil, but this depends on what you are planting, and the type of soil. The vegetables and fruits in your garden usually get matures faster than plants. And if you plant flowers, they are likely to attain full bloom in the summer.  So, your garden should be taking shape by now.

In the fall…

The fall season announces the coming of winter. So, you should start preparing for the colder days that are coming. This is the time to harvest any of your remaining crops and cover the ones that you are yet to harvest.  If some of your plants had died due to early frost, convert the resulting waste into compost.

In the winter…

It is time to take a break from your gardening activities when winter is full-blown. You can focus on housekeeping activities to move some of your crops indoor. Use the checklist below to navigate through your winter gardening activities.

  • Clean your gardening tools and put them away in the garage or backyard shed for safekeeping.
  • Cover your crops with mulch to keep them from frost. Make sure animals do not stray into your yard.
  • Make an indoor herb garden to keep your gardening alive during the off-season period. You can try cilantro, thyme, basil, and many other herbs.
  • Focus on planting crops that can survive extreme cold. Do some research about plants that do well in your area during winter.

To start gardening, begin to think about the plants you will like to have in your garden. These can be vegetables, flowers, or fruit trees. Some of them can even have commercial value!


Feeding Your Dog The Best Food? Check Again

Do you know that your dog is not just a mere pet? Dogs are more or less a part of your family. That is why they deserve as much care as other members of your family. One of the best ways to take care of your dog is to be careful about the brand of dog food you buy.

Since there are lots of dog food brands out there made with different ingredients, you should be careful to choose the right one.  Once you know the brands that make quality dog food, it will be easy to choose the best product for your pooch.

What are the features of the best dog food brands?

Let us take the time to identify the vital traits of excellent dog food brands.

The best dog food brands create a variety of food options that meet the needs of your pet.  The American canine club reports that most commercial dog food manufacturers create products that meet the minimum nutritional requirement for dogs. However, the nutritional value of dog food from various brands varies significantly.

One of the ways to check for the best dog food is to examine the ingredients on the label. After that, compare it with the nutrient standard recommendation in the Merck Veterinary Manual. Whether you are feeding a puppy or a grown-up dog. The guide will help you find the product with the best nutrients.

Besides creating products with nutrients that are best for dogs of various ages, the best dog food brands are also transparent about the ingredients. Since dogs are carnivorous animals, food that contains animal protein is the best option. But dogs also get excellent nutrition from fruits, grains, and vegetables as well. In essence, quality dog foods should not contain only protein, it should also have a mix of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

The best dog food brands

Here are some of the best dog food brands in the market right now.


This brand creates dog food formulation that replicates the natural biological diet of your dogs. Whether the product is Orijen dried and freeze-dries dog foods, they all replicate the natural diet of dogs.  Orijen also has a wide array of dog food designed for puppies, adults, and senior dogs as well. These products are not only nutritious, they are also perfect for the dog’s stage of development and lifestyle. Orijen dog food is high in meat and protein for nutrition, and to aid easy digestion. Some sources claim that the meat content is about four times the quantity found in other products.

Blue Buffalo

Although this brand is relatively new, Blue Buffalo dog food products are delicious and nutritious. That is what gives it an edge in the market.  Blue Buffalo makes both wet and dry dog food containing natural ingredients that keep your canine friend healthy and happy.

The many positive reviews from online sources are proof that Blue Buffalo is a quality brand. With four product lines consisting of both wet and dry food, you have plenty of options for nutritious food for your lovely pet. All products are made from high-quality natural ingredients that present balanced nutrition. This brand does not use fillers, artificial additives, or by-products in their dog foods.

Taste of the Wild

It is a well-known truth that dogs prefer meals with natural meat. That is why Taste of the Wild seeks to give your pooch the type of meal they crave. Every recipe from this brand is filled with natural flavors and fillings consisting of natural animal protein from bison, venison, and lamb.  With nine dry foods and five wet ones, you have lots of tasty variety of dog food to feed your canine pet.

With Taste of the Wild, you do not need to worry if your dog is selective with food or sensitive to certain ingredients.  This brand only makes grain-free dog food that has high nutritional value which is an excellent choice for dogs that are food sensitive. Natural meat is the primary ingredient of every recipe that this brand creates.  These products give dogs energy, and are easy to digest.


Trendy Engagement Rings in 2019

Getting engaged to a loved one is a special occasion. That is why you must be looking out for an excellent engagement ring that your loved one will appreciate. Since there are so many options available besides the conventional diamond ring, one can easily get overwhelmed during the search for the perfect engagement ring.

This article presents the latest trends in engagement rings in 2019, it will help you select an excellent and trendy engagement ring for your lover.

Oval Stones

It is natural to choose the traditional diamond ring for your lover. After all, that is the tradition. Isn’t it? But selecting something unique for your lover will put an extra smile on her face. This oval-shaped diamond ring will definitely make her ecstatic.

This designed that surfaces in the 1960s is hard to find and costs less than the brilliant-shaped diamonds. The lower price does not reflect lesser quality, it costs lesser because the demand for it is not as high. The oval-shaped diamond ring is equally elegant, the elongated shape of the oval stones makes it look larger than other models

Other excellent options for diamond rings in 2019 include the trendy pear-shaped stones which symbolize an independent woman. The princess diamond, which is a square-shaped diamond cut, and the heart diamond are also popular choices.

Halo Setting

The Halo Settings is another unique engagement ring type that is fashionable in 2019.  This ring contains unique bands and bold diamond shoulders.  There is a large diamond ring at the center which is surrounded by other tiny diamond settings.  The array of diamonds in the ring adds an extra tone to its sparkle. You may also choose a variant design containing double hallow settings for extra brilliant sparkle.

This engagement ring is highly customizable to make it unique. You can choose to have oval, emerald, pear or marquise diamonds on the ring.  Some vendors also allow you to select the color of the pave gemstone in the halo settings. Other customizable options include the number and shape of halo diamonds and the choice of metal. This engagement ring is beautiful and catches attention of the viewer.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

The lab-grown diamond is a trendy model in 2019, especially among the millennials.  The unique feature of this diamond is sustainability and eco-friendly qualities. It is an excellent option for environmental activists and other people concerned about earth sustainability.

Although artificial diamonds have been in existence for years, it used to be very expensive -until recently.  The drop in the price has made the artificial gem more affordable for couples and popular than ever before.  These types of diamonds are made in the laboratory by simulating the exact natural process that converts carbon to diamonds. These types of diamonds still have the look and feel of natural diamonds.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is one of the trendy options for engagement rings in 2019. Celebrities such as Megan Markle and Emily Ratajkowslki choose this ring for their engagement. This gives us a sense that the yellow gold is going to stay in the trend for a long time.

One of the things that make yellow gold stand out is that it can complement any choice of center diamond, or colored gemstone. The yellow gold stands out with its brilliant color, it looks unique irrespective of the shape and settings of the stone you choose.

Stackable Settings

The stackable settings are one of the hottest types of engagement rings in existence today. The massive buzz on the social media and showcase in jewelry stores is proof of its trendy status in 2019. In contrast to the traditional one ring, this type stacks multiple rings in a single finger.

The stack is created by wearing two wedding rings around the engagement ring to create a symmetry. Some feel it means “seal in” the engagement ring in two bands of rings is captivating. Others prefer stackable settings simply because of the visual appeal. This is one of the trends you can choose for your engagement ring. You can use the center stone for your engagement occasion. If your lover likes the entire set, she can as well wear the full settings immediately after accepting your proposal.

How To Escape Expensive Billings That Come With Cell Phone Contracts

Nowadays, we need our mobile phones to do virtually everything, including communicating, making online payments and so many other things. In fact, life would be a bit stressful if we don’t have these small machines around to always assist us. For that reason, it is very necessary to own a mobile device with stable network. However, it is unfortunate to note that, the more people use mobile phones, the more network corporation hike service charges and demand huge prices for mobile phone contracts.


This Is Why Mobile Phone Contracts Shouldn’t Be Expensive

It is true that maintaining mobile networks cost a lot. In fact, some network companies spend so much whenever they have to do network upgrades. Nonetheless, their spending can never be compared to the amount they make from what they charge their subscribers. Sometimes, the amount gotten from monthly contracts can be so huge for popular phone brands. A lot of mobile network companies won’t tell you this, but they can sell the same contact/phone at different prices.


How Do You Get These Cheap Deals?

Mobile network companies offer different prices for the same products in a strategic way. For instance, if you try to sign up for a contract the conventional way by visiting the company website, it signifies that you’re already a customer and you’ll end up buying at a higher price.

However, in a situation where all the mobile phone rates are advertised alongside the rest of the competition, most mobile network companies will give discounts.

So, you now know how and where to get better phone contract deals. You can also do the same thing the next month, don’t sign up for mobile contacts from the website to avoid expensive billings from the mobile network company.

4 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is Better

We all have those beautiful, fun- filled, nostalgic memories of embarking on blissful family vacations while growing up. As we grow up and get old, we also try to create these same memories with our own families by taking them on vacation to different fun-filled places. By this, we appreciate with high esteem all the efforts that our parents actually put in trying to pull off the best holiday trips.

However, there are times in your life when the opportunity to travel alone will be presented. Although you will yearn to be with some people related to you, but you need to consider embracing the concept of traveling alone, there are lots of benefits involved in it. Here are 4 reasons why traveling alone is better.



When you decide to travel alone, you’ll be responsible for every action you take and every decision you make during your trip. Constantly checking your luggage, packing, and financing your trip are fully your responsibility. Also, your personal safety at every point in time, either before, during or after the vacation is definitely on you. When you’re the one putting all these factors into serious consideration, it can really contribute to self-reliance.

When you travel alone, your confidence increases because you’re basically making decisions for yourself and nobody has to dictate what you do.



The main aim of traveling alone can be to eat, pray, love, and  enjoy ourselves. Definitely, you will want to have fun in whatever destinations you’ll be headed. Therefore,   being alone gives you the luxury of partaking in any fun-filled activity that interests you, without any distraction or disturbance. Also, you will spend much of your time alone in your world. Personal time is a very good thing. When you’re alone, you can sort out some personal issues in your relationship, family and work.

With the trip, you will have time to think deeply about these issues and approach them all with a clear mind and also striking a balance and probably  finding a middle ground to tackling and resolving the problems. On coming back home, you will put those measures considered and analyzed into action and ensure you resolve most of the problems.



Know that the purpose of traveling alone will also consist of meeting new people from different tribes and different locality with unique cultures and values. It doesn’t mean you have to become best friends suddenly with everyone you meet, because it would really be awkward to meet someone during a vacation and become best friends with them immediately.

Rather, slowly strike up a conversation with the person seated close to you; be it in an airplane or at a café. You can strike up a conversation by asking about the food or by asking for the meaning of a certain culture.

When you interact, have fun, meet people, learn new things and make friends, it will be the best souvenir to take home from a trip.

You can also take part in group discussions and talks, this way you’ll learn from them and also share your own knowledge with them, leading to better interaction skills.



The world basically is considered as a big beautiful place, full of different people from all works of life with different values and beliefs. Choosing to embark on a solo trip can bring a great appreciation of the broadness and diversification of the world. This is the main reason you should consider traveling out of your comfort zone, as it exposes you to the beauty of various cultures in the world. This can be by renting a room in someone’s house or staying in a hostel. Gather as much experience as possible and you will notice yourself having a strong sense of humility concerning your place in the world.

Also, traveling  alone helps you appreciate the diversity of the earth. You might get the opportunity to learn new languages and try new foods. Some locals like it when visitors appreciate the culture, so make sure you ask enough questions and you’ll go back home with a wealth of knowledge.



Important Facts You Need To Know About Pest Control

The problem of pest is not really new for many people. Almost everyone at some point or the other in their lives have experienced the problems and negative effects of having pests around. But it is quite sad that very little out of large number know and understand the subject of pest control. Lots of people instead go about setting baits, traps and poisons in their house to eradicate these pests. To effectively do away with the infestation problems, a more targeted and logical approach needs to be employed. We present to you everything that you need to know about pest control and how it works.



Actually, there is no need for pest control when you sight just a single rodent or insect. It is to be applied when you have noticed some significant amount of these pests that can cause problems. Also, you may need a pest control if you keep seeing a few amount of a particular type of rodent or insect day in, day out.

However, sighting just one harmful bug, insect or rodent that live in colonies with other members of its species is enough sign that you definitely need a pest control. Insects such as bedbugs, termites, ants and roaches multiply quickly and are very good in hiding themselves. Most pest control companies will have to take a thorough look at your house and confirm if there is truly an infestation or not. Or if you can catch a bug and take it to bug companies for identification and advice, it would be helpful in determining specie of bug that it is and what control measures must be put in place.



Many pest control companies employ tested and trusted control techniques in a bid to eradicate these pests. The control methods vary in the amount of success recorded, depending on the type of infestation that has taken place. A very good pest control organization must device other means of solving the infestation problem effectively rather than just the traditional method of just spraying pesticides. Outlined below are some of the most common methods of pest control:

  • Keeping traps to capture the larger pests.
  • Setting poisoned baits for pests to eat.
  • Using pesticides to eliminate small pests in large quantities.
  • Using fumigation. First of all, sealing a structure before bringing in pesticides.
  • Using repellents to keep pests off certain strategic places.



Many people make mistakes when choosing pest control methods and pest control companies. But the unfortunate thing about this is that some of these companies do not have the requisite license or technical know-how to operate. This can have negative effects on the health of the customers if wrong pesticides are employed.

Avoid companies that pressurizes customers into making deals by claiming that there is pest infestation when the reverse is the case. They recommend immediately the most expensive control methods just to gain from any slight opportunity. The pest control industry is a highly regulated one with the Department of Agriculture having a list of licensed and legally approved pest control companies. Contact the department and check if the pest control company you patronize is licensed. Employing the services of licensed pest control companies will give you a good value for your money without leaving side effects on your health, home or the environment.



During the pest control treatment in your home, you can help make sure the process is conducted smoothly and effectively. Open the doors and windows to ensure good ventilation of the home after interior treatment. Try to stay out during fumigation processes until the exterminator concludes his/her work and confirms the house safe for human habitation. Also, consult your exterminator to get proper advice about how the treatment products work not to clean off pesticide while doing general cleaning of the home.



Many people are more concerned about the dangers of harboring pests in their homes but are not aware of the fact that pest control techniques and chemicals can do lots of harm to the human body. Pesticides are designed to kill insects and some animals like rodents but they can have adverse effect on the human body even if not immediately but surely in the long run. People with high susceptibility are those with asthma, allergies, or degraded immune systems. Pregnant women and young babies are not left out. The poisoned baits need to be kept out of reach of little children because they are liable to eat these baits.

Consult your pest control company to see the side effects of each and every pest control method before agreeing to any method. This will keep you in the know of how to effectively avoid these.



Sadly, pests can return to the home sometimes after the treatment of the infestation has been dealt with. Among these lists are ants which are really stubborn because there might be so many colonies in some areas. It might be avoided to contact your pest controller for regular services at intervals. Monthly, quarterly and annual treatment can save you some money because the controller will give you discounts.

Most pest control companies provide consultancy services on how to effectively prevent pests build-up in homes. Some of these methods are: sealing holes where rodents and insects might come in from, cutting down insect infested trees and spraying potential breeding grounds of pests.

5 Easy Ways To Save On High-Speed Internet

The present economy  compelling several people to attempt cutting corners wherever applicable. This is a result of the current harsh economic realities we have today. Lots of people are looking for ways to cut down costs whenever and wherever possible. Internet is very much needed today, especially in the commercial world. In fact, having internet connectivity is a necessity in many homes and offices. The aspect of broadband internet is one area where you could cut corners initially. Wouldn’t it be really nice to have some cash back and cut down on internet costs? Of course it would. The following are five tested and trusted steps you can apply to save money on your high-speed internet:



Broadband firms may not frequently show their special discounts, but many of them still make them available. For instance, you could get a certain amount of reduction in your bill each month if you are a worker in a particular entity such as a government agency. Many other firms have deals with broadband market for discounts. You might have to ascertain the identity of your employer or what association you are affiliated with to get the discount, but that is good, isn’t it?

Another verifiable way of getting discounts is by subscribing for a larger period of time, say quarterly or annually. Naturally, Internet service providers (ISPs) give discounts to people who purchase in bulk but in the case that they do not, you can apply for it. In the application, show the ISPs that you are a good and consistent customer. They would review your application and can land you the required discount.



Another small trick you could apply to make sure that you get an appropriate price on your high-speed internet is to locate start-up firms. Locate new firms in your locality that are in search of new clients. Those firms are likely to give large discounts on high-speed internet services. Such firms are more open to feedback and suggestions than your average large cable company is, as well. The reason is not far-fetched. The larger companies have lots of customers and might not give in easily to the desires of their new and prospective customers. Start-ups on the opposite, are always eager to gather customers and are always open for negotiations and re-considerations.



If you possess already a high-speed internet, you can reduce the cost of it by removing some unnecessary luxuries. For instance, you don’t require 100+ Mbps if are not controlling a business or downloading a large number of items daily. You can escape with a slower speed if it will conserve $10 or $20 per month. Attempt it when things get difficult for you. You can always alter your plan if you increase or become more than enough.



Bundles are appropriate ways of reducing spending on your internet services. Many firms combine the internet with the telephone and cable services for one reduced monthly price. Signing up for a bundle is an appropriate way for you to acquire all you need without spending much.

When you compare the individual cost of these services and the cost of buying a bundle, you will realize that you can actually save some money on bundle purchases.



This gimmick may reverse, but if it happens, you realize that you can still go to other firms. What you can do is to reach out to your recent provider and show your utter irritation for the price you are paying for services rendered. Let them know that you will evacuate the firm as a customer if they ignore your complaint about the high price that you are paying. You possess too many choices than to remain with a price that inconveniences you. A good company will have a reasonable team that will attend to you. A poor company may return derogatory words or show you a rude attitude because of their annual profit. Both ways, you’ll know what to do later.

Those are just some tips to get you a discount on your internet services. Try these and find out if they will be of assistance to you. If otherwise, you can try different moves.

Important Info About Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is extremely difficult. It is beyond just deciding to stop; much planning, desire, and motivation is required. However, the whole process of stopping your nicotine habit can be less difficult with an already-made plan. If you’ve decided to stop nicotine totally, this article will show you a few necessary tips to make the quitting work for you.



The first thing you should do before quitting cigarettes is to decide why you want to quit smoking. Do you want to start conserving the funds  you would have consumed on cigarettes? Do you desire to be alive to watch your grandchildren finish college? Do you desire to easily move up a flight of stairs without wheezing and coughing? Making lucid your reasons for stopping can lessen the effects of part of your withdrawal symptoms.



Immediately you quit smoking, you will start to feel nauseous and gloomy. It is at this period that you might desire a smoke a stick of cigarette. This is as a result of withdrawal, one of the regular symptoms associated with stopping smoking. When your body is in withdrawal mode, your body gradually begins to adjust to operating in the absence of nicotine.

Most persons discover that the most difficult part of their withdrawal mode drag on from a  few days to a few weeks. It is at this period that you might have some of the following symptoms:

Sleep issues

Brain fog


Anxiety, nervousness, or restlessness

At this period, you might desire to begin smoking again, just to alleviate these often extreme withdrawal symptoms. Even though these symptoms are difficult to handle, you need to realize that they are ephemeral and would stop eventually.



Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is one of the most appropriate treatment to assist you in your desire to quit cigarettes. NRT is very effective in relieving withdrawal symptoms. This unique therapy can also multiply your chances of stopping nicotine totally. NRT can be in some of the following forms:




Nasal sprays

Nicotine patches

Most of these forms of NRT are easily accessible to the public without a prescription.



Quitting cigarettes completely can be less difficult with your loved ones behind you. Relate to your friends and family your desire to stop smoking and make them understand their role in helping you. Here are a few guidelines that can assist you to do it:



You can request for your loved to check in on you and monitor your progress regularly.

If you have a family member or friend who smokes, request that they quit smoking with you or smoke far away from you.

Make your loved ones bring up various alternatives of things you could do without involving cigarettes.

Enlighten everyone and let them know that while you are in your withdrawal mode, you will be cranky and irritable. Request for patience.

Tell your family and friends not to ever give you a cigarette, even if you request for one.



Probably, your strong desire for nicotine might even be harder than your nicotine withdrawal period. You may find out that the strong desire for cigarette sprouts up without any sign. Cravings can be incited by a lot of things, such as strangers smoking outside. These visual reminders are called triggers.

Invariably, anything can incite the craving for nicotine. This is the reason why it is vital to have an already set plan to tackle these unplanned cravings. However, you should realize that cravings last only between 15-20 minutes.

One of the appropriate ways to tackle cravings is to plan ahead. Invariably any distraction can be of assistance under these conditions. Most people discover that being active also helps to subside nicotine cravings. For instance, taking a 15-20 minute walk can be just the thing to stop a craving.



Here are a few ways to tackle triggers and cravings in the initial time after taking the decision to quit smoking:

  • Take care of yourself properly. Consume a lot of water, eat healthy food, and get 7-9 hours of good night rest. Partaking in all of these will provide you with more energy for daily activities. This extra energy is needed, to overcome stressful cravings.
  • At the initial period of quitting smoking, try to go more often to public areas where smoking is banned. When your environment makes it difficult for you to smoke, it can be less stressful to tackle any craving that may surface.
  • Avoid friends and relations who smoke. Also, stay away from places and things that remind you of your past smoking life
  • When a craving or trigger surfaces, take some deep, cleansing breaths..
  • When you feel the desire to smoke, reach out to a friend or family member. If you have no one to call, surf the internet for websites which helps smokers overcome their addiction. A lot of these websites contain forums and chat sites that permit you to relate with people who are going through the same challenge.
  • Give yourself gifts once in a while. Rewarding yourself provides a boost that enables you to continue in the new lifestyle changes.


Forgetting to plan for cravings, triggers, and withdrawal mode is one of the risk factors to going back to your nicotine habit. Stopping cigarettes entails more than disposing of the pack. The more work and willpower you put in, the healthier and more excited you will be in the absence of cigarettes.


3 Ways To Live Peacefully With Roommates

Sharing a room with someone is usually a smart financial idea. It often allows you to acquire a nice apartment and make some savings by splitting the whole expenses in half. Normally roommates are mostly friends from college deciding to stay together in the real world. A roommate can also be gotten through a roommate service. Whether the roommate is someone known or a stranger, the expectation is that you will live in peace and achieve the desired goals. Sometimes, occasional misunderstandings can arise, which if not properly handled in a calm and matured manner may lead to full-blown problems that can last for longer period of time. Knowing how to deal with such problems when they arise is very helpful. This sets you apart as matured and more experienced than the other party.

In handling roommate problems, you must first of all understand that both of you are coming from different background, different parents and have had different upbringing. You should not expect your roommate to behave exactly the way you do or think the way you think. Suffice it to say that in the world, no two persons are exactly identical, even identical twins will have different behaviors. But one thing is certain, which is having a roommate gives you ample opportunity to get to understand the way people from different backgrounds think and how they behave.

In this piece, we bring you some tips on how to handle roommate issues when they come up. Being able to properly follow the guidelines in this piece will help you solve some of the roommate issues you might be having at hand.



It would be lovely if your roommate held the same values of cleanliness as you do. Normally, you cannot speak to them to tidy up their room as if they were a teenager. Since they are also contributing financially to pay the rent for their private corner, they have the right to leave it as dirty as they want to. What about areas like the bathroom, kitchen or living room? If you have a roommate who keeps a trail of dirt in those areas, then it can be a very tiresome situation. It will assist if you set certain cleaning agreement before they move in. The main rule should be, “if you cause a mess, then you clear the mess quickly.”

Asides from that rule, you may choose a tidying day where both of you divide the chores of tidying the apartment together. The final option at critical times would be to divide the expenses of employing a housecleaner. That will get the job done.



The main reason to have a roommate is solely on cost splitting. Many times, one person takes the larger part of the bill. The means of paying charges like utilities, cable, and internet are split and both share. But if there is an agreement to the splitting of cost with your roommate, the two can both create a Venmo account which makes money transfer easy. At the start, you might be wondering, is it necessary to write out what I owed? By that, questions of how much to pay and when to pay it shouldn’t come up.



At times a roommate will have friends for a sleepover. Also, that is allowed. However, your lease may limit those visitors. It may not be emphasized by the landlord but it can be the excuse you use if the visitor is staying a lot more nights than the regular weekend. This can result in a challenge of tolerance. If you’re are not disturbed having the guest, then it shouldn’t be a challenge as long as they partake in food expenses and do some chores. However, if it seems like your privacy is being messed with, then you have to deliberate around the problem of you not agreeing to a third roommate.

Among all the potential roommate challenges, the extended guest is the most difficult to tackle because you might be stating that your roommate has a choice between their living agreement and their visitor. Of course, paying extra money may calm those feelings.