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Finding The Job Of Your Dreams

In life, one of the most challenging periods is choosing the profession that one wants. Lots of people during their childhood days had lots of ambitions. Some wanted to be pilots, engineers, astronauts, while others wanted to be  doctors, lawyers, etc. But quite unfortunately, as some grow older, they kind of lose interest in the job of their dreams and in their place get day jobs that could at least provide them with the ability to pay for rents and food.

As the saying goes, you only live once, so it is very good to make the best you can out of it. This is why it is relevant to land your dream job no matter what it is and strive have to excel in that your chosen career. In this article, we have highlighted the 10 major things that you have to remember about landing your dream job.



The thought process has a way of manifesting physically in the lives of a person without his/her conscious knowledge. What you think about every time of the day tells a lot about your dream job. You might be thinking of become a world-renowned journalist, becoming a soldier or even becoming a business executive.

One way or the other, your body and things around you begins to bring the things you think your way. Try to pay attention to your thoughts, gather them together and they will make perfect sense to you.



In choosing the right career path, you should not just identify only your passion but also your strengths in that field. Showing sound all-round knowledge of a topic or an industry might not actually lead you to your dream job, but it boils down to narrowing it to your particular field of interest where you have strengths over others.

You might be a geek, a guru in mathematics or good in numbers, then you need to consider the engineering field. You might also be very good in talking to people, relating well and addressing the public, then you should think about Public Relations. There are lots of ways to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? The front-end of the business is ideal for extroverts, while behind-the-scene operations and technicalities suits introverts well.



The simple knowledge that astronauts fly space crafts into space or that engineers design and help manufacture modern day machines are not enough reasons to want to choose those career paths. Before choosing a career path, do a far-reaching research so as to be on the know of the responsibilities and duties of that particular professional. Know the machineries they use and what skill (or skills) they need to acquire, the working environments that they are exposed and many others. Being cognizance of these important information, you are better suited to choose the career that suits you.



It is very important not to blindly follow what family members and friends tell you. Your career should be centered on you and your ambitions. However, some close relatives and friends can provide you with a clear, experienced and unbiased view of what your passion entails because no man is an island of knowledge. What kind of activities have you done in association with people? Have you ever done a combined project in the past? The people you have worked with can tell you your greatest assets and your weaknesses.



Check out your financial needs. What do you expect to get paid? Before choosing a career path, try to evaluate their pay grade if it is in tandem with what you have in mind.

You might have a young family, an aged parent or some distant relatives that you have to support one way or the other. So factoring this into your decision process is really needed.



Begin by searching for organizations whose goals are in line with your objectives. Check out companies whose operations, products and services are in tandem with your personal goals. Of course, you must have gotten a clearer sense of what you aim to achieve by now so check their mission statement and see their goals and objectives. Once you have gotten more than 10 of such brands, it then boils down to those who are currently hiring. You can search for leads on the web, but the larger chunk of the work is to find out the ones that offer better working conditions, good payment and better career development potentials.



Try to garner good interview skills as soon as possible. This does go a long way in landing you your dream job. When you attend interviews of large industry players such as: Pfizer, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Apple, etc, the probably of getting a second chance for interview is very slim. So when you are there give it your best bearing in mind that there is no place for errors.

Hone your interview skills by constantly practicing beforehand. Bring yourself in front of your mirror, ask yourself questions and watch the way you respond to those questions. Check out your handshake, walking steps, posture and facial gestures, they do tell a lot about you. Be very mindful with what you say during this simulation period.

Expect some really difficult question during interview sessions. Try as much as possible to answer them correctly and be honest. Do not exaggerate or bring yourself so high as to including credentials or skills that you do not have.



The art of networking is very helpful as it helps people to be easily noticed by top-notch industry players. Start creating a robust network while still in school, whether high school, college or universities. Try to stay in touch with talented and intelligent students with high potentials that can be helpful in generating leads that can refer you when they have landed their jobs or an interview at the least.

Even when you start working, do not back down on network building. Network after working hours, attend symposiums, seminars, talks, balls and business parties.



Bear in mind that it is rare to find someone that comes into the industry and outrightly dominates, it takes some time to gather experience and knowledge. Even though some overnight sensations might exist, but they are rare. Be prepared to work harder than others. Exercise patience and character when your superiors ask you to perform tasks that are not in your job description as these will give your better experiences and knowledge. Provide any suggestion or feedback that you dim useful for the better operations and growth of the company you are working for.

Exhibiting great initiative increases your chances of getting promoted. This is an essential, must-have quality for professionals in highly competitive firms like in the finance, manufacturing and technology industries.



Confidence factor, CF have different values for different individuals. But even not everyone knows how to compute it.

The value can range between 0 and 100 in percentage. The variables used in computing the CF usually vary but they are a maximum of 10 in number and is useful in any kind of job you may venture into. The most important of these variables are Working Culture and compensation. The greater the CF value the more the compatibility between you and that job.

Be sure to do self-assessment tests on a regular basis when you have landed your dream job. Check out the happiness factor, and determine how satisfied you are with the environment, pay and experience you are gathering. Always keep in mind that your dream job might not be a bed of roses, it comes with its own challenges. So you have to devote quality time and efforts to ensure that you achieve success in your dream job. The most important thing is that you work hard on whatever field or endeavor that you have passion and keen interest for. You will surely find fulfillment in it.

4 Ways To Avoid Landlord Disputes

You’ll rarely see someone who left their parent’s house and went directly into their own home that they bought or built. Some people have done that but only few cases have been reported. Many other people first make that usual “stop” at rented apartments before going on to owning their own homes. However, some might stay in rented apartments longer periods than others, some might have to change apartments during this period. This will bring you in close contact with your Landlord as you might have to live with house owner in multi-unit buildings or in some cases dealing directly with a property management company. As a tenant, there are some rules and regulations that you need to adhere to in order to live in that space.

Lots of apartment renters prefer the situation where the landlord does not live in the same building with them and like to be in control of the minor fixes. However, you need to keep in mind that the building does not belong to you. Some of the fixes you might do might not be liked by the landlord and this is sure to result in disputes. What do you do when such disputes arise?

Below are some useful tips on how to deal with any dispute you might have with your landlord, home owner or property management company:



The time you spend as a tenant should leave positive impacts on others. They should be able to attest that you have been a good a good tenant all through. This has to do with prompt rental payments, minimal clashes with neighbors, and good rapporteur with others. Once you have portrayed yourself as a good tenant, the landlord will be more considerate when handling issues with you. Bear in mind that major disputes tend to result from property issues rather than personal relationship issues with you. All landlords need tenants that are reliable especially those who pay their rents on time.



Your lease is the contract that you and your landlord must abide by for the duration of the tenancy. Before you raise an issue with the landlord, you need to re-read your lease to make sure that you’re on solid ground with regard to raising an issue. For instance, there might be restrictions on when you can move in furniture or how many nights a guest can stay over. If you signed the lease, then those are the conditions and rules you have to follow.

The lease agreement is the contract that binds you and your landlord as parties. Both of you are bound by this contract to obey the terms stated therein for the duration of tenancy. Before you bring up any issue, try to go through the lease agreement so that whatever issue you might be raising should be on solid grounds. For example, there might be some restriction on the number of people that can stay in an apartment or even how long a visitor might stay. Once you have signed the agreement, it becomes binding on you and you have to obey it.



Ensure that you take your landlord through a walk through evaluation of the property before moving into the new apartment. During this conservation, you need to have a good proof of the discourse, you might put your mobile phone to use. This is very vital, as some landlords might see some damages and instantly agree to repair them only to deny in later stages. Aside that, take pictures of any other issue you might later notice in the apartment like cracks in the wall, broken ceilings, damaged pipes, etc. endeavor to take pictures again when you have successfully repaired these damages. If there were receipts involved, keep the receipts safe. Who knows, with all these you might get a discount on your rent.



This should be your last resort after all methods of settling any dispute between you and your landlord fails. You can sue landlords who might stubbornly refuse to change or repair damaged parts of the building. You can take them to court, if the renege on any agreement made earlier or refusal to obey the terms of the lease agreement. Another thing that is suable is the refusal of landlords to repay the tenant’s security deposits. In many states, refusal on the part of the landlord to send a written notice to the customer on where the security deposits are kept are liable to pay double or triple that amount as penalty. This happens after a court order has been given.

Over all, having a cordial relationship with your landlord and fellow tenants is very good. Hopefully, this will be of help as you save up for your first home. This is truly the goal of every tenant.

5 Tips That Help Prolong Grocery Life

According to statistics, the average human being wastes over 200 pounds of food annually. You might begin to wonder, what could be the cause of this wastage? Is it because we are so greedy and our eyes are bigger than our stomachs? Or is it because the society places more value on quantity over quality? What if it’s because the food we store in our refrigerators gets spoilt easily? Well, any of these three reasons could be the cause of food wastage but let’s focus on the third one. To be realistic, sometimes, food just goes bad and it’s not fault. Food spoilage is a natural process that happens as a result of the activities of microorganisms. However, certain practices can help us prevent early food spoilage and prolong the shelf life of our food items. These 5 tips below will help you keep the food in your kitchen edible for a long time.


  • Dispose The Plastic Bags

Those fancy plastic bags used for packaging your groceries are actually doing more harm than you think. To extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables, make sure you take them off the plastic bags immediately you get home. You need to do this because plastic bags retain a lot of moisture which makes the spoilage of groceries easier. Don’t store your fruits and vegetables in plastic bags. It also advisable to carry along reusable bags when you go to the grocery, so you don’t have to package your groceries in a plastic bag.


  • Freeze Your Food

The refrigerator is really important when it comes to storing food, however, you need freeze your food sometimes. Freezing is really effective in food preservation and  can even prolong the shelf life of food that is about expire.

You can freeze almost all kinds of food items including fruits and vegetables. Also, leftover food and snacks can also be frozen for later use. With this preservation method, you’ll discover that you can keep your food for months and when you’re ready to eat them, you just thaw or warm them up. However, in order to ensure accuracy, ensure you label and date every food item you’re storing. Also, the freezer bags must be sealed tightly so that there won’t be reaction with oxygen, leading to spoilage.


  • Store Dry Foods In Air-Tight Container

To store dry food for a long time, you need to keep it away from oxygen. That is because, oxygen comes with moisture which easily spoils dry food. You can use either large containers of nuts and granola or small boxes of pasta and cereal to store your dry foods. Another important step is to make sure that the containers are sealed tightly.


  • Use Labels

When trying to store your groceries in a refrigerator, you need to label the containers properly to help you keep track of the items. It is advisable to start labelling from leftovers and food items that can get spoilt quickly. When you label properly, you will know when each food item was opened, stored and also when it will expire. This kind of accuracy and organization will help you prolong the shelf life of your groceries and also prevent food wastage.

Labelling can help those who throw food away based on assumptions to preserve more food.


  • Arrange Food Items Properly

The refrigerator is built in such a way that if you properly arrange your food items, it will be easy for you to preserve them. Here’s how you can preserve food using proper arrangement in the refrigerator. All the food items that are still fresh should stay inside the refrigerator while the leftovers and the food items that are close to expiration should stay at the front. In this way, you’ll first see the leftovers whenever open the refrigerator and probably consume them first.

If you properly arrange your groceries in the refrigerator, you’ll find it much easier to extend their shelf life.


Responsible Partying: A Drinking For Dummies Guide

You may have been in the situation where you’ve been enjoying a quiet beer and catch up with some friends. An old buddy from school turns up that none of you have seen for a while and, next thing you know, it’s Tequila shots time. Roll on 2 hours and you are air-guituring your way across the dance floor and, eventually, out the door (courtesy of a couple of beefy doormen). On peeling yourself from your pillow the next morning, you cannot remember much, but you will not soon forget the way you feel right now!

If this sounds in any way familiar, have no fear. Read on to discover how to reduce your hangovers and become a responsible ‘party-er’.

  1. Eat a Lot. Food will line your stomach, protecting it from the acids in alcohol. The more you eat, the better your stomach will be lined and the less acid will effect it. Eat before you start drinking and take a couple of snacks out with you. Granola bars are a good choice as the fibre helps slow down the alcohol being absorbed by your body.
  2. Try Multivitamins To Reduce Hangover Effects. Getting your proper daily dose of vitamins is not only good for your health and maintaining a balanced diet, it also helps reduce the effects of hangovers.
  3. Drink Plenty Of Water. Taking on water before and after a drinking session is common knowledge, but there is also another good time to drink water. Drinking water while you’re drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of alcohol you can actually consume. Your stomach will fill up with water and have no room for the other drinks. The increased hydration will also pay dividends in the morning.
  4. Give the ‘Hangover Food’ a Miss. It is very tempting to wake up with a hangover and head for the nearest burger bar. But, this is doing you no good. Try replacing the grease with something that is a bit more nutritious and has some vitamins in it. This is what your body really needs at the moment.
  5. Be Serious. If you can’t handle your drink, don’t drink or drink much less. If you are drinking to the point that it is effecting your daily routine, then you many have a problem. Could be time to think again about your party habits.
  6. If You Are Going To Drive – DO NOT DRINK. If you have been drinking any amount, you will be in less control, or no control, of your vehicle; you’re a danger to yourself and others. It’s simple, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.




Have Back Pain? Read This

Currently, back pain is one of the four most common types of chronic pain (recurring) that a lot of people are struggling with right now according to the National Institute of Health (NIH). You’re not the only one suffering from back pain! Lower back pains have been experienced by an estimate of 31 million Americans and up to 80 percent will in their life time experience back pain at one point in time.

Seeing as back pain is now common, it is important that you learn a lot on the causes of back pain, what the risk are of having back pain, treatments and ways to prevent it, with changes in lifestyle included.


One of the most complex body systems is the back. Doctors call it “the human back”, it is an amazing collection of muscles, joints, tissues, ligaments and bones. Combined within the mechanical workings of the back are the nerves, discs, cerebrospinal fluid and the blood vessels.

The elements surrounding it can be affected when one single element is compromised. For example, a muscle that was strained might cause the ligaments and muscles around it to overcompensate until the original place the pain is coming from starts radiating outwardly through the whole back region that is affected.

It is not surprising that back pain has become a common part of the daily lives of a lot of people seeing as the back is a very delicate system that is important to almost every aspect of our everyday life!


Neuropathic, chronic, and acute are the three main types of back pain. All the three types of back pain may possess most of the symptoms that are common. What sets them apart is the duration and not the symptoms.

  • You most likely have chronic back pain, if you’ve been feeling the pain for 6 months or longer.
  • You most likely have acute back pain, if you’ve been feeling the pain for less than 6 months.
  • “Neuro” is a word that means “nerve”. When the nerves keeps sending pain messages to the brain, it brings about this type of pain. It is not really understood like the other types of back pain because this field of scientific research is still recent.


A lot of things can trigger back pain, including causes that are nerve-related and mechanical. Although it is not possible to list out all the reasons for the occurrence of back pain, there’re certain triggers that are well known.

From this list, you might be able to pick out the cause of your own back pain:

  • Over-stretching, sprains, overuses, strains or spasm
  • Improver lifting or too-heavy lifting
  • Disc problems like rupture, deterioration and compression
  • Deformities in the spine, such as scoliosis and other curvatures
  • Last trimester of pregnancy with the expansion of the pelvis
  • Kidney problems like kidney stones and infections
  • Endometriosis (an overgrowth of uterine lining)
  • Stress
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Blood clots
  • Osteoporosis or osteopenia (deterioration of the bone)
  • Vertebrae disease like Spondylolisthesis
  • Cancer or tumors
  • Infections


The kind of treatment to be prescribed is determined by the type of back pain. It is imperative that you get a diagnosis that is accurate for the type of back pain you’re having so that the drug can be prescribed accordingly.

The options for treating back pain has expanded and changed due to the fact that doctors are now aware that chronic back pain exist separate from other underlying issues.

There are different categories of treatments that can be prescribed to ease back pain. We have surgery, medication, lifestyle modifications, physiotherapy and alternative treatments as part of this category.


The diagnosis you receive is what determines the kind of medications that will be prescribed to help reduce your back pain. Most time treatments that are based on medication start with the mildest one, like pains relievers that are over-the-counter (OTC). Examples of such are acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen.

You will get a prescription for NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), if the drugs mentioned above do not the work. Antidepressants, steroid, narcotic drug, muscle relaxants, topical pain medications or numbing injections can be prescribed, if NSAIDs does not work.


Most times, it is important that you under grow physiotherapy in order to rehabilitate the area that was injured successfully without the risk of injury on the healthy system that surrounds it. Physiotherapy will teach you how to stretch, bend and move efficiently as your core muscle groups are strengthened.

Your doctor might recommend some exercises for you on a continuous basis, once the main cause of your back pain has been settled, in order to keep your back strong and healthy.


Surgery is not a remedy for back pain that is common, it might be effective for those with unresolved nerve compression in the discs between the vertebrae or in the nerve centers. If the structure of the back has issues like a spine that is too-narrow, surgery can be done also,


Yoga, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and bio/neuro feedback for the management of pain are all part of alternative treatment. The process of relieving the back pain is more effective when alternative treatments, physical therapy and short-term medication is combined.


Adjustments to your lifestyle is not just another way of preventing back pain. Modifications like losing weight, change to different shoes, education on proper lifting and adjustments in your workplace that are ergonomic can relieve some of this back pain types.


You can prevent back pain when you lay off some stuffs that causes it by strongly adhering to preventative adjustment in your lifestyle such as eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, good hydrations, abstain from excessive drinking and smoking, take a lot of rest, exercise regularly and attention to ergonomic work and life habits.



Advantages & Disadvantages Of Grey Hair

Almost everyone has got gray hair by age 50. Your hair texture and skin changes as you age. This is because, as you age your body is gradually loosing melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives our skin and hair a natural complexion. As you age the pigment cells with melanin begin to die. Your hair becomes transparent and loses color when the number of pigment cells reduces.  The hair becomes, silver, white or grey with every growing time. As time goes by, all the pigment cells in the hair is lost and everything goes grey completely.

A lot of people started having grey hair when the turn 50, there are those that already had grey hair by the time they are 30 years old. The reason for this can be attributed to genes, stress, or hormonal imbalances. From observation, it takes almost a decade for the entire hair to become grey after the first strands of grey hair appears. Some people like keeping their grey hair, while a lot of people color theirs most times. Here we have the advantages and disadvantages of grey hair that will help you decide if you want to keep your grey hair or cover it.


  • It shows how comfortable you are with your grey hair, when you don’t cover it. Having grey hair can be relieving.
  • There’s this relieve you get from not worrying about your grey roots showing when you decide to keep your grey hair. No stress involved in trying to maintain your grey roots. It frees you from the stress of coloring your roots every two weeks.
  • You’ll save yourself a lot of money and time that would have been spent on coloring your hair and covering your grey roots when you decide to keep your grey hair.
  • You’re also freeing your hair from the chemicals that are contained in hair dyes when you decide to keep your grey hair. It keeps your hair natural and healthy.
  • There’s this natural look you get when you go grey. It goes with the natural tone of your skin that keeps changing with time.



  • You look your age when you keep grey hair. For those that are 50 and above, this is okay, but for those that are not yet 50 it might affect their self-esteem if their grey hair starts showing.
  • You’ll need to change your hairstyle when you go totally grey. Normally short hairstyle fits grey hair better. If you decide to keep your grey hair, you’ll need to change your entire look.
  • You’ll also need to change your entire wardrobe when you go grey. The reason for this is that, you’ll need new outfits to go with your new hair, as the ones you had might not go with your grey hair.
  • There’s a dry look to grey hair. You’ll need to buy good hair care products, in other to have a healthy grey hair.


You can dye your hair if you’re not okay with the way you look, even if you decide to keep your grey hair. You need to decide on your own if the benefits are more than the disadvantages or vice versa and this depends on your personal choice.


Eight Causes Of Insomnia

Your inability to sleep can have a negative effect on your activities for the day.  Due to erratic sleeping pattern, your sleep is affected e.g. sleeping during the day, or sleeping late. You can fix this easily by following a strict bedtime routine. Nonetheless, there’s times you’ll have difficulties sleeping, even after going to bed early. Read more on the causes of insomnia.


STRESS– Stressing all the time can bring about signs of depression and anxiety, which can lead to insomnia. You’re often occupied with a lot of responsibilities during the day, but once your head hits the bed, there’s this quietness that allows you to go through the day’s activities. You’ll also notice that a lot of times, you focus more on your problems which leads to overthinking. There are solutions to this issues. For example, before you sleep write down all your worries on a piece of paper so as chase away all the negative thoughts from your system, also to help calm your mind and body, you can try meditation for a period of 10 to 15 minutes every day.


ALCOHOL– After taking lots of alcohol, you might sleep off immediately, but it’s going to affect you sleep routine by making you wake up at midnight. This might be because you need to use the bathroom, or you’re feeling nauseous. Let your alcohol intake be moderate, instead of over indulging in it.


CAFFEINE- Your sleep routine can be disrupted by the consumption of too much caffeine, most especially when you take it very late, e.g. before your bedtime, or in the evening. Avoid taking it after lunch and reduce the amount you take to three cups.


MIDNIGHT SNACKS– It’s not a good idea to eat snacks like, chips, burger, potato chips and pizza at midnight. They can affect your digestive system and cause problems like heartburn and indigestion, due to the high amount of protein they have, and unhealthy fat. Why not pick snacks that are healthy balance of both protein and carbohydrates, instead of these snacks. Some of the healthy choices of snacks include; cheese with crackers, cereals that are high in fiber with milk, and turkey with slices on a whole wheat bread.


NIGHT EXERCISE– When you work out 2 or 3 hours before you go to bed, you nervous system gets activated and sleeping becomes difficult. It is advisable that your do you exercise during the day.


LIGHT- The quality of your sleep can be affected when you use electronic devices before going to bed, or keep your light on for a long time. The good thing is that this issues can be tackled easily. Make sure you turn off your devices and the lights one hour before you go to bed. Put curtains or blackout shades to prevent light coming in from outside.


MATTRESS– The wrong mattress can make you uncomfortable throughout the night. It can also affect your body, causing you pains on your shoulders, back, and neck. You can sort out this issue by getting a mattress that supports your body well.


ROOM TEMPERATURE- During the summers and winters improper room temperature can disrupt your sleep. Therefore, make sure you accurately adjust your air conditioner, or thermostat in order to have a peaceful sleep.



Online Dating For Older People

The internet is fast becoming an avenue for people of different ages to find love, seeing as within the past decade or two, online dating has been normalized and accepted. The U.S News and World Report recorded that three percent of people over the age of 65 and six percent of people over the age of 55 have tried dating online. This number might not be high, but it is increasing gradually and it is almost up to 10 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 who have tried online dating

Here are some tips for a successful online dating for those above 50 who are in need of someone to share their retirement or older years together.


NPR, Anna Fiehler who believes she’s one of the first set of online daters wrote a report saying, “The best thing about online dating was being able to have this kind of meeting of the minds first, and being able to see in what way you click.” As an old adult, it might be hard to start dating again, or to find places where you can meet new people that are of the same age with you who are also hoping to find love. With online dating, you have the opportunity to meet up with people that you share the same interest with. You can find people that you share the same interest, career, education and religion depending on the site you use.

Also, the stress involved in searching for love reduces with online dating. You have control over every situation with the dating site, and everything depends on you. You can easily communicate frequently or not as frequent as you want, or say no to someone who has interest in you. The idea of using online dating when you’re over 50 is the flexibility, the fact that it is affordable and you get to connect with someone.


Different ways to make sure your online dating journey works out well has been recommended by AARP. The most important tip there is being very confident. Almost everyone who does online dating has been rejected at one point in time. Your success in finding the right person for you is dependent on how resilient you are in these situations. You need to understand that your patience and confidence will eventually yield result of finding the right person.

A healthy communication contributes in making online dating a success. It is very important that both parties have a healthy foundation when they start relating with each other. You need to understand that as you chat online, there are a lot of things both of you are missing in the area of communication, like inflection and the tone of voice. Don’t take everything you read serious and be careful with your words.


As an older adult that is just getting into the world of online dating, you can use dating sites that are designed specifically for people over 50 or a dating site for people of all ages. Example, we have websites like, eHarmony that allows you to search for people within a certain age bracket. According to Dating Advice, some part of is dedicated to people above 50.

We have sites like SilverSingles and Senior People Meet as one of the amazing dating sites that are dedicated to older people. According to MakeUseOf, another option that is popular is OurTime with more than eight million users that are 50 years and above.

For you, you ideal site should be a place where you’ll be matched with people who fit the criteria of how you want your ideal partner to be and a site you’re comfortable using. You can keep trying different sites, until you find the right one for you. Instead, search for the one that meets your budget and those specific things that might be important to you like your interests, religion, hobbies and location. It is good that you take your time, as you move to the next stage of life’s journey.


Running Tips For Everyone

Running as one of the best cardio exercise affects every part of our body positively. The risk of life-threatening condition is reduced when you run for five to ten minutes at the speed of 6 miles per hour daily, this is according to a research published in the journal of the American Cardiology. With improvement in your mood and reduction of stress, your mental health benefits from it.

Here are some tips you’ll find useful that’ll help make your fitness journey safe and efficient if you want to adopt a routine for running;



Being a first time runner can be stressful. It is therefore important that you get a good running shoes, one that is your perfect size and has the right design. You can get leg injury as a result of wrong running shoes. Also wear clothes that are made of breathable fabrics that are light.



For a first time runner, it is important that you take it easy. For example, you can start with a brisk walk, instead of running immediately. You can start running, after you have walked some few distance. Continue like this, until it has mastered your body. You can let go of the brisk walk, once your body has built enough strength for running.



Learn to be objective towards your capabilities as a beginner. It’ll prove difficult for you to keep with the result you desire as you start. You need to understand that your body will have limitations as a beginner. Make sure your target is realistic, no matter how small it looks, so that you can be motivated and preserve your energy.


Warm up by doing some stretching exercise before you start running. With this warm-ups, your blood flow will get regulated and it will ease up any stiffness in your muscles. After running, you can still do this exercise to cool down.


As someone who is just starting, it might be hard to get inspiration. You can join a group pf runners to counter this. These groups has beginners like you in it and seasoned runners also. This will put you in a high spirit and help improve you running techniques.


Apart from the suggestions that were given above, follow this tips if you’re above 50;



Consult your doctor If you’re a beginner, and you’re above 50 or you’re going back to running again after taking a long bring from it. It is very important that you do this, to make sure you’re not exercising with health issues that has not been diagnosed.


Add strength training to your routine if you have lost muscle mass as a result of aging. Make sure that your diet is rich in protein also, so as to build the muscles back.



Make sure you take a break for some days, as you master the art of strength training and running. Days like that should be for you to be very active in your daily activities. Take up activities that have low intensity like cycling, swimming or brisk walks, if you must work out.


The Best Home Furniture Shop

It is difficult to shop for furniture. There are a lot of retailers to pick from and lots of options, but which store offers quality furniture at amazing prices.

Check out the following retailers, if you’re looking for the right place to buy furniture for any part of your home. Whether in person, or online, each shop has the options off different brands for you to pick from, at prices that are affordable and a furniture for all your needs.


Boyles are well known for their wide range of popular brands, which makes it your go to place for furniture shopping. You’ll find some of the best and biggest name in furniture at Boyles. Henkel Harris, Thomasville, Hancock and Moore, Century etc. There are lots of varieties like chairs, desks, beds, dressers, ottomans and lighting.

Apart from their extensive collection of top pieces of furniture from some of your favorite brands, Boyles can be trusted for their quality products and amazing shopping experience. Your furniture shopping experience is made easy with quality customer services that are unmatched.  The best part is that you can shop within your budget at Boyles. With their lowest price guarantee, you’re assured of a good deal of furniture at Boyles that can’t be found anywhere at such a low rate. You’re likely get the pieces of top designers at a discount rate here.


If you’re looking for high quality furniture that is unique and is within your budget, West Elm is the place to be. 90 percent of their furniture are designed and sold exclusively by them, here you’ll get furniture like never seen before.

The furniture they have in West Elm is a branch of their head company Pottery Barn, this means for every room in your home, you’ll get styles that are classy. You’ll also get furniture pieces that are trendy, colorful and can add both style and function.  Here at West Elm, you can find something that suits your needs at home and your kind of style, starting from comfortable couches that can be customized to contemporary bedroom sets to dining room tables and chairs that are classy.

West Elm offers you a lot of opportunities to save, if you’re on a budget. They offer seasonal sales, clearance events, and special deals both in their store and online. Before selecting a West Elm furniture, make sure you search online, by doing this you can save a percentage worth over hundreds of dollars. You can shop their entire retailer’s selection of furniture on their website, or visit the West Elm store itself.

You can visit their retail locations if you live in North Carolina. Shoppers all over the world can browse Boyle’s website and make a selection of items and top brands of furniture.


Home Depot is that store you go to if you’re looking for tools, things for home improvement and hardware. What you don’t know is that you can actually get amazing furniture in this big retail store. They’ve become more than just a hardware store. They now house a vast selection of furniture that are of high quality and affordable prices.

Home Depot gives you furniture that meets with your life style and matches your sense of style, starting from your living room to your bedroom and other rooms around. Although they are still growing, they have quite a good number of furniture. You can browse them by prices, the specific room you want it for, colors and the dimension of the furniture.

You can shop for furniture at Home Depot effortlessly. You can check out their website to make your selection or visit your local Home Depot store. You can easily narrow down your options when you shop online. Home Depot offers you fast shipping and in-store pickup.


You’ll find what you’re looking for in Living spaces, no matter your budget. Living Space makes it easy for you to get the right type of furniture for any space, with a huge furniture selection and their dedication to giving you an amazing shopping experience, with their prices being low.

At Leaving Spaces you have a lot of varieties, this is every shoppers dream come through. You have the options of browsing for more than 150 living room, 115 dining room, and 100 bedroom, and there are different brands for you to consider. You’ll find everything in Living Spaces, from items for home décor to couches and chairs, to beds and dresses.

Living Spaces also offers prices that are affordable, in addition to having a selection of trendy and modern furniture. If within the next 30 days of buying from Living Spaces, you find the exact furniture in another shop, and the price is lower than yours, they’ll offer you a 10 percent price guarantee by matching the price you saw and giving you extra 10 percent off. You can shop for Living Space furniture at their retailer’s website or visit their store physically.


Visit Wayfair store online, if you’re looking for a huge selection to choose from when you’re furniture shopping. Although they’re still new in the business, they are now the biggest online home furnishings retailer. No website out there has the wide range of furniture selection that Wayfair does.

Wayfair is your one-stop shop with more than fourteen million pieces of furniture, décor and furnishing. You can browse for furniture that suits your lifestyle and your needs, making selection for kids, adults and for any room in your house. You’ll find whatever you’re looking for in their website, from color to designs that are trending.

A lot of people love buying furniture from Wayfair. They’re one of the best out there and have won awards like Company of the Year, Customer Service Department of the Year, E-Retailer of the Year and Best Shopping App. They make shopping with them easy, starting from browsing to purchasing and receiving your order.