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Need A Hotel Upgrade? Read This

A dream vacation means diverse things to different people. But everybody will agree that a first-class flight to a luxury hotel in a tropical paradise is awesome.  However, coming back to reality, this is not possible for most people. What you can afford might be an economy flight and a stay in a standard suite of a decent hotel. But all that can change with hotel upgrade offers.  Although you have to pay out of your pocket for most upgrades, you may be able to score an upgrade if you ask the right questions. Keep on reading to learn how you can score a hotel upgrade during your next vacation.

Avoid the Week

Most hotels get fully booked during the holiday season. So, it might not be possible to negotiate for an upgrade at such times. In the same vein, the busiest time of the week for most hotels is usually between Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most business travelers lodge at the expense of their company, so you can expect them to have paid for those awesome rooms. So, the best time for you to score a hotel upgrade will be weekends.

CheckIn Early

For most hotels, the check-in time starts from 3 pm. This time is set so that the cleaning staff can do their job and prepare the room for the next customer who will be lodging. You can take the initiative to check in early, chances abound that you can get lucky if the Upgrade Room is not booked yet.  The staff can check you into the upgrade room to give the cleaners time to get other rooms ready. Simply check-in, have them keep your baggage, and spend your time exploring the city.

Take Advantage of Frequent Guest Programs

Most hotels exist as a part of a suite of hotels located in various cities. Some even have their hotel chains in different parts of the world. Most of these hotels provide loyalty programs, sometimes referred to as Frequent Guest Programs.  If you sign up for such programs, these hotels will notify you when they have special offers during their off-peak season. You can take advantage of these offers to earn a hotel upgrade.

Book Directly

There are many online travel agencies that claim to provide the best hotel rates. If you book your stay through any of these channels, the hotel knows, and will not be willing to offer you an upgrade. The reason is that you already got a discount when you booked online.  So, you stand a higher chance of scoring a hotel upgrade if you call the hotel and book your stay directly with the front desk representative. All you have to do is to ask for available discount and upgrades, you will be surprised at the deals they have in store.

On the final note, you should inform the hotel about the reason for your visit. Tell them that you are coming for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary or a birthday. The hotel can decide to celebrate with you by offering you a surprise package.


Check Here For All-Inclusive Vacation Deals

Definitely everyone would love the idea of going on a vacation. However, problems always arise with the planning. It takes a lot of work to plan and could turn sour if not properly planned.

Processes involved in this planning and arrangement include- booking a flight, choosing a comfortable hotel, getting a trustworthy transportation as well as figuring out your meal spot. If you will be having your family along with you, then all the arrangements should be convenient for your family.

Why opt for all-inclusive?

All-inclusive packages make the planning less stressful. Instead of making separate bookings for each part of the trip, you pay once for the entire stay. Offers for these packages are usually made available at luxurious resorts and would often cover your accommodation, food, transportation and other fun-activities. It avails you the opportunity to spend your vacation in a relaxed state. With the all-inclusive package, you might even get to save enough to travel to a destination that was once outside your budget.

Rather than booking a hotel and shuttling around town with a rental car, an all-inclusive package would give you a much more interesting experience as you would get to explore more and spend your days around exquisite resort spots.

The good news is that getting an all-inclusive package is not that difficult. You just have to check out travel booking sites and then shop around for the best affordable all-inclusive package. Even with a limited budget, you can still afford to experience the wonder of the luxurious setting of your choice.

Here are some popular travel booking site sites that can help you plan your resort adventure.

This is for you if you want to explore the Caribbean at a lesser cost. There are vacation packages in different Caribbean countries such as Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic etc. Travelers in this site use palm trees to rate locations while CheapCaribbean uses a number of suns instead of the usual star.

The site offers special deals for specific locations. Each page features;

  • Room details
  • Resort pictures
  • Available amenities
  • Dining options
  • Activities and nearby attractions
  • Pros and cons

Each deal have a validity period and group booking deals are also available.

There are cases of customers reporting that they have issues with the Cheap Caribbean customer service. Others also report that they lose deals or it becomes unavailable while making a booking.

They offer all-inclusive deals as well as bundle deals. To help you find your dream destination, you should search the packages by country or by city. You have nothing to worry about as all vacations are backed by a price guarantee. This means you will get a refund if you see a package with a lower price.

Find out if pets are allowed by clicking on the deals for activities and amenities offered by each resort. You will find all information as regards accommodation listed there. Just like in Cheap Caribbean, each package comes with a validity period.

Some travelers complain that this site does not keep to its promise of not charging extra amount of money when travel plans are altered.

They form part of the Priceline group of booking sites and places adverts for everyday-deals for different price ranges. Input the information about where you want to stay and when you want to check in to get a deal or browse destinations to see available accommodations and prices.

If you prefer customized travel, then search for resorts using themes such as family, luxury, romantic etc.

Read the detailed information on the hotel page of your destination of choice and be sure the amenities meet your needs. You can also read reviews from other users.

Some travelers have reported not getting a free cancellation or the expected prices because of confusion over fine print hence; you should ensure you understand the rates and cancellation policies.

TripAdvisor offers reviews from travelers who would not mind sharing their travel experiences. Using customers’ reviews, the site lists the top 25 all-inclusive resorts.

You can view each resort for current deals from different booking sites. Find out more about local activities by checking out list of the nearby attractions collected by TripAdvisor and reviewed by other travelers.

However, TripAdvisor does not handle bookings itself. A click on a deal will take you to a third-party site where you have to read the terms and conditions before booking your final package.

The major complaint of users about this site is that there are always errors in vacation rental listings. Also, there is much dissatisfaction with the review policies. But, even with that, TripAdvisor seems to have more positive reviews and lesser negative ones than the other sites.


Best Seasons To Buy Airline Tickets

Are you thinking of getting away, escaping from the hassles and stress? It could be excessively expensive to travel out to that dream destination of yours however; you will be surprised that with proper planning and arrangements, you can afford your airfare.

Depending on your income, it might be a little difficult to save but if you plan it smartly, it would work for you. You should first know when and how to book your flight. Lots of people do not know this secret however, there is a best period you can book your airline ticket and get incredible deals.

Here are tips on everything you need to know in order to get a very good deal on an airline ticket right after the holiday (you might as well start packing your bags).

Make your bookings during off-peak travel season

Holiday seasons are the perfect period for traveling. Most people travel during this period to visit their friends and their families (mostly from November to the end of December). This period through Christmas and New Year, form the busiest periods of the year for airlines. However, as soon as this holiday season is over, you are very much likely to get flights with an affordable price.

The less-busy season is usually between 7th January and mid-February. This is according to USA today. If you want to visit cities like San Diego and Florida, January is the perfect time of the year for that. They are the ideal destinations for people who want to travel to a warmer destination.

You can as well decide to book your flight for even beyond January after all, airlines permit one to book their flights up to 6 months in advance. This means you can get discounts for tickets booked against spring or even summer if you book for one in the beginning of the year.

Know what days of the week to book

Asides booking beginning of the year, there are other tips that can help you save from your flight. You should know there are certain days that tickets sale at cheaper prices. According to USA Today, the cheapest days are; Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

This works in three ways;

  • Depart on Friday, return on Sunday
  • Depart on Tuesday, return on Saturday
  • Depart on Wednesday, return on Tuesday reports that you can save as much as $52 by not flying out on Sunday.

Put the time of the day into consideration

If you don’t mind flying at unpopular times of the day, then you might as well try this tip.

Most people don’t like flying in the middle of the night so you might as well take advantage of the financial benefits that come with flying by such time. You could save some cash from an early morning flight.

How you can get the best deal during an off-peak season

Traveling during the unpopular season has its benefits. Asides the fact that you get a good deal on the airline ticket, you also go through less stress of a crowded airport and tourists centers.

Tips to consider when looking for a flight

If you want to save more on your next trip, here are things you should consider.

  • Compare the prices of airlines online

There are airline comparison sites online that you can check out to ensure that you get the best possible flight deals. Search for most recent offers and pricing.

  • Set up airfare alerts

To help you get notifications on airfares, you can set up their alerts on your device or PC. In this way, you get to see different fares then pick the one that favors you. Make sure to book on time.

  • Discount airlines offer cheap airfare

Discount airlines like AirTan and JetBlue airways are great options for cheap airfare. The only thing is that you might have to forfeit luxury to some extent.

One of things that work in finding the best deal on airfare is to research more often. Check out different sites and get the best deal for your destination.

We are almost in the peak season but soon January will be here. It will be wise if you should start now to make researches on the price for traveling to your destination and if possible get it booked on time.


The Most Luxurious Ships Around The World.

Cruises have gained more popularity now than ever before and have recorded about 25.8 million passengers worldwide as of 2017. It did increase from the previous year’s figure with about 4.5 per cent and its demand since the last five years have increased by more than 20 per cent.

With this increase in demand also came more upgrading to these ships. Cruise ships nowadays now speak more of luxuries, comfort and elegance. Most of them are all-inclusive with exciting features.

Below are some luxurious ships you would love to cruise with.

Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Ship fare: Starts at $4,300

With itineraries ranging from 16 to 28 nights, this ship is described as “the most luxurious ship ever to be built”. It was launched in 2016. It features numerous suites with very large balconies.

The Regent Seven Seas Explorer is large enough to carry up to 750 passengers with 542 crew. It features two major restaurants and three specialty restaurants. The fare is on the high side however, the good thing is that almost everything is included in this price.

Oceania Riviera

Ship fare: Starts at $1200

It has itineraries that range from 10 nights to 28 nights. It is the newest ship in the Oceania fleet and was launched in 2012. The Oceania Riviera is not all-inclusive however, it stands out from other non-inclusive ships because of its upgrades and ability of hitting other smaller ports.

Their kitchen section is amazing with the specialty dining inclusive in the t-fare. The ship accommodates up to 1,250 passengers and up to 800 crew. Its fare is not as costly as some all-inclusive cruises.

Crystal Serenity

Ship fare: Starts at $1675

Its itineraries range from seven to 26 nights. It is known for its excellent service, outstanding activities as well as all-inclusive fares. It has a more formal setting, which not all passengers will like.

The Crystal Serenity was first launched in 2003. Featuring about 535 staterooms, it can accommodate up to 1080 passengers. There is an avenue for taking classes and signing up for the Crystal adventure experience, which comes with an extra cost.

This ship offers a more personalized service. The cabins have been upgraded and it all comes at a fair price.

Viking Star

Ship fare: Starts at $1,950

With itineraries ranging from seven nights up to 28 nights, this first Viking’s cruise has numerous cruise lines with port intensive itineraries. It can accommodate up to 930 passengers and up to 550 crew.

Inclusive in its fare are other services such as free unlimited Wi-Fi, Nordic spa services and complimentary wine and bear for your meal times. The Viking Star offers a great choice for adventures even though it doesn’t have much on going activities on board.

Seabourn Encore

Ship fare: Starts at $3,150

Its itineraries run from seven days to 40 days. It is a compact ship with wide and sophisticated appearance. It encompasses up to 300 classic suites, which can hold up to 600 passengers and 450 crew.

With the Seabourn Encore comes a personalized service. You are free to customize your experience on board by picking from a range on themes. Now some shows have been added to previously existing ones to make the ship livelier.

Inclusive in the fare are fare for meals, gratuities, shuttle transportation, as well as drinks and wines. It is a small ship but one with exceptional services and features.

Silver Muse

Ship fare: Starts at $4,400

Its itineraries run from seven to 19 nights. Silversea launched it in 2017. It portrays European luxury at its peak. With suites that are massive, all services are right at your doorstep.

Silver Muse can take up to 596 passengers and 411 crew at a go and features lots of outdoor activities. It has up to 8 restaurants. Its fare includes almost everything except a few like spa treatments and shore tours.

Sea Dream II

Ship fare: Starts at $3,000

Its itineraries run from four nights to 14 nights. What it lacks in its size (which is small), it makes up in its sophistication and excellent services. It is an older but well-refined ship.

Sea Dream II has the capacity for about 110 passengers and 92 crew. Its entertainment option is more limited when compared to others and the sail can be rocky when on rough waves.

Future cruise ships

For now, the above named ships may look so exciting and incredible but make no mistake about it, future cruise ships promise better. The cruise industry is working more on developing cruises in such a way as to attract more passengers.

Let’s take a cue from the Royal Caribbean International which is already using robotic bartenders for its services. Also, soon pilotless ships will emerge.


How To Deal With Distractions While Driving

As humans, our daily activities play a major role in how we live our lives. Everyone is engrossed and busy with something. But then, what happens when we fail to pay attention to happenings around us, especially when we’re driving? People end up in a ghastly or fatal accident as a result of this and many other reasons to be discussed below.

Manual Distractions

Manual distractions are those things that we do behind the wheel that takes away our attention from the road. We need to pay rapt attention in our daily activities, most especially while we’re behind the wheel. We should not eat or talk with other passengers or fiddle with the radio. We get easily distracted, and our attention turns away from the road when we do any of these.

To prevent this from happening, set boundaries in your car. If you must eat or have a serious discussion,  pull over to do so. Inform other passengers that you may not be able to have a serious conversation with them because you’re driving.

Visual Distractions

Majority of visual distractions come from your cell phone. You may be concentrating and driving on the highway until you’re distracted by vibration from your cell phone. Typically, you may want to check if it’s a relevant call/text and many things can go wrong in the course of doing that. Many people have had fatal and ghastly accidents that result from picking calls while driving. To prevent this kind of situation, your phone should be on silent. There are so many visual distractions that occur with a cell phone, and you must avoid them at all costs.

You may wonder how you can avoid using your phone If you need to use your phones GPS. Put your phone on silent, put your texts on silent, and use the voice option to listen to your routes. If you’re attached to your phone and always find it difficult to drop it, put it at the backseat of your car and put it on silent. It will be difficult for you to be distracted visually when you do this.

Mental Distractions

Mental distraction is a very common occurrence that can happen to anyone at any time. Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you were having a discussion with someone, but you do not remember some of the things they said immediately after? Or have you ever wondered how you got to a place after driving for a long period? The reason for this is our refusal to stay alert and active during these times.

To avoid manual distractions, listen to music or an entertaining podcast that’ll help you stay alert. If you feel the need to relax, pull over, and take a few minutes nap. You can also practice meditation as you relax to feel refreshed and much more before continuing your journey.

In conclusion, take note of these major distractions when you’re driving and understand how to cope and overcome them.

Trouble Affording Cruise Tickets? Read This.

Some people have lived with the erroneous belief that a cruise is meant for only a few sets of people that are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on vacation. To these set of people, a cruise is only possible when you can afford the extravagant lifestyle. However, if you know your way around on the internet, you’ll find out you can afford to go on a cruise without breaking the bank.

Being on a cruise is an unforgettable experience that is usually difficult to explain to people. The experience is one of a kind as you see yourself in another world entirely. You feel happy because you finally get to see some of the places you’ve read about on the internet or seen on the TV.

Even though the cost of a cruise is one of the most significant factors that determine if you could afford it, some cruise experts recently revealed how you could afford one.

Going When The Sailing Date Is Very Near

According to cruise liners, the cost of maintaining a large ship is very costly. As a result, they work with a strict budget because they need to make enough money. As a result of this, they do not leave any space unfilled and having space is a massive loss to them. Empty cabins mean they’re losing money and the best way they solve this problem is to reduce their prices as they approach the sailing date. This is when you should come in!

At this time, you can get as much as 50% price slash and enjoy the same service as those that paid in full. Cruise liners do this to ensure they do not run at a loss by leaving an empty cabin. You may be wondering if the cruise liners make a profit due to the meagre discount. Well, they do. They devise other means of making a profit once you’re part of the cruise. You’ll spend more on beer, gifts, excursion, casinos and other things you may need. They make up for the discounts they give you from the extra money on these things. So, you can cover the costs of any of these from the cuts you got.

However, cruise companies aren’t interested in making money alone. They also want to impress you so that you can tell your colleagues and friends about the beautiful experience you had. So, if the ship isn’t full, it becomes boring. But if you’ve been on a boat cruise with fully booked rooms, you’ll feel like you are in a new beautiful city. Therefore, when you buy a cruise ticket, you are supporting local businesses. Every time the cruise liners stop at every port, the tourists explore such places, and this is advantageous to the businesses and residents in such areas.

How To Keep Yourself Updated

Even though you can get a huge discount for your cruising experience, it only lasts for a few days. With this, you must keep yourself updated on the best deals you can get and the right time for it.

To keep yourself updated about recent changes in prices and many other things, take following tips.

Sign up for mailing updates on best deals from different cruise liners to know when they’re offering great deals

Search through the internet every few days

Get a trustworthy travel agent

Book before the date to have an idea of the current prices


Getting yourself a great deal when preparing for a cruise can be time-consuming because of the many factors involved in finding out the best deals. You, therefore, need to have enough time to take advantage of the opportunities. It’s better if you’re traveling alone, but it may be difficult if you’re moving with family and friends. It’s so because the best deals may be available only a few days before the departure date. It’s also best to consider the timing before going on a cruise. Some people prefer going by mid-January to enjoy the warm weather in the Bahamas while most people prefer going by midsummer


Going on a cruise is an unexplainable experience, and the best way to find out is to experience it. The best time to go is now because you now know what to do to maximize costs and have a wonderful time.

With a flexible schedule and lots of internet research, you can be among the millions of people that cruise every year. You’ll also get to save a lot of money by going for the discounted price and enjoy what others enjoying

Always remember that unsold cabins and limited passengers mean more discount for you. So, do your best to get the best deal by searching the internet and have an unforgettable cruising experience.





Here’s How To Save Money When Traveling

For whatever reason you are traveling, it is always better you bring down your costs to avoid wasting much of your money. This does not necessarily mean you have to for the cheapest available option because if you do, you might end up not getting the most out of your trip as you have always wanted.

The best way to save on travel is knowing the right time to spend and when to save. Let’s look at tips on how you can prioritize your needs for your next trip.

Don’t spend extravagantly on your flight

One means of saving money on traveling is through the airline tickets. If you actually know what you are doing, saving from the point of booking your flight is a good place to start. This is where making enquires and researches come in. Instead of booking an urgent flight ticket, you should make arrangements and shop for it in time.

Booking your ticket down at least one or two months in advance is a good decision for domestic flights. However, if you are going for international trips, it is advisable you book your flights at least six to nine months before your stipulated date of journey.

Some degree of flexibility as regards your travel dates and time is required especially if you are trying to be judicious with your spending. We all know it cost a larger amount of money to fly in business class or first class then, why go for it when you can comfortably fly in economy? This is not to say that flying in business class is not nice however, you should remember that flight expenses is only a small part of the whole expenses you would make during your trip and you are also trying to save. Hence, you should not prioritize the comfort that comes with flying business class or first class.

Using flyer miles is another idea on how to save money on your flight. It is an alternative to cash. Instead of using cash, you can decide to use frequent flyer miles especially considering the fact that there are now amazing credit offers with which you can earn lots of miles. The good news is that earning the miles might not take a long duration of time.

Ensure that you book for comfortable accommodations

The flight is only a small part of your trip. Even though it is not meant to discomfort you but you should know it is only a short phase in your trip. Surely, you can hang in there for some hours. However, for your temporary place of abode when you get to your destination, your comfort should be more of a priority.

It should be a place where you feel at home; more like a second home to you. You will hardly enjoy your stay if you always think twice about going back to your room every night or if you have a feeling of nostalgia each time you think of it. This is more reason why it is wise that you do your possible best to get yourself a comfortable place to stay during the duration of your trip.

We cannot really define comfort explicitly here because it is based on individuality and personal preference in this case. If you are the type that likes checking into a hotel and staying the night, weekend or weeks as the case may be with other travelers, then by all means, go ahead and book a hotel. You should know you can also save some money here if you make your researches well. Also if you are traveling with family, then you should put it in mind that you would probably want something bigger or some privacy.

Opt for activities that won’t cost much

You might want to engage on certain activities on your trip. In that case, you should try to strike a balance between the ones that attract big tickets and those that don’t. If you really want to have some fun and can afford it, then go ahead but if not, look around for another alternative that could give you the same feeling of excitement but at a lesser cost.

It could be a little difficult to find the one that would cost less but with some digging around you would get something. Checking out the museums or parks won’t be a bad idea. They are usually cheaper and would save you some money.

You don’t have to go overboard with spending in order to have a fabulous trip. You only have to figure out your top priorities so you can have an awesome travel experience.


If You’ve Never Considered A Cruise, Read This.

A unique event you’ll always remember is having a first-hand experience of a luxurious cruise. The modern cruise today is amazingly different from what it used to be. Cruise liners are doing all they can to give their clients the best by providing them with 5-star hotels, various types of cuisine, superb accommodation and many interesting activities. They also visit exotic places with round-the-clock relaxation and many others.

In recent times, cruise companies have spent and are still spending billions on fantastic ships, and it’s a different experience entirely for people that have gone on a cruise before. You’ll marvel at the sight of these modern super ships.

However, despite the amount of money spent on the shipping industry, the financial constraint and presence of numerous ships do not provide people with the luxury to afford a cruise. That’s why you need to take advantage of this as you’ll have access to a rare opportunity of enjoying going on a cruise at a very low price.

Who would see a 70% slash in price and not jump at it? Even though it’s hard to believe, it’s very real, and you can see the ads when you search online.

This article aims to let everyone know that they can afford to go on a cruise regardless of who they are. Only a few people are aware that they can afford it because of how cruising is often associated with luxury.

The primary thing that hinders people from making the bold step is the lack of information. If they have the required information, they’ll be able to best deals.

How Does This Work?

Due to the enormous amount of money spent on getting the modern luxury ships, empty cabins are a significant loss to cruise liners, and they want to avoid this at all cost. That’s why you’ll have access to hugely discounted prices when you visit the ads page of cruise lines. The empty spaces in their cabins are the reason for this massive discount as they wouldn’t want to depart with an empty cabin.

You can enjoy as much as 70% discount on the full price of your fare and enjoy the ocean breeze, exotic places and delicious food in your fantastic luxury cruise package. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to experience one of its kind cruising experience at a very low and affordable rate.

Where in the world will you go next?

So, now that you have all this information, where are you willing to go next? Ensure that you check online for different discount and watch out for the best deals with the lowest possible rate.

There’s no perfect time for cruising, but you need always to remain updated if you’re looking forward to spending less and having a fantastic journey at the same time. After getting the best deal and coming up with the best place to go, the next thing is to pack your bags and be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime cruising experience.

Why You Need To Plan Your Trip With A Travel Website

There’s no doubt you wait eagerly for vacations so you could get your hands off work and relax in a location of your choice with those you love. Everybody wants this. However, I bet you also wouldn’t want to squander the little you’ve saved up in one year just within a few days of holiday. I’m sure you’d love to have the best time of your life during your vacation, and still have something to fall back on afterwards.

In recent times, travelers rely on the services of travel websites to save as much money as they can on every trip they make. Besides saving money, other reasons travelers may require the services of travel websites include:


Travel websites can help you enjoy every bit of your trip by linking you to the best hotels in your intended destination for just a very little token.


Travel websites spare you the stress of waiting in long queues and going from one hotel to another to book the most suitable accommodation. They remotely do all that for you while you simply make your choice by tapping on your tablet or PC.


Travel websites also help keep your holiday well organized and hitch-free as they help you decide on and book the places you wish to visit a long while before your trip.


In America, Airbnb and VRBO happen to be the most commonly used travel websites. Americans prefer to surf through them rather than go through the hassle of scouting and booking for desired details of their trips.

While the two travel websites may be similar, they are certainly not the same. The difference between them also help you decide which of them is best for you.


Whether you’re looking forward to staying in a single room or an entire house during your trip, Airbnb is the one website where you can find varieties of accommodation directories. It was founded in 2008, and by 2017, it became home to more than four million travel directories in over 190 countries.

From being a website where people book brief accommodations, Airbnb has grown to become a site where people can make their entire travel arrangements and have them sorted out.

The fascinating feature of this travel website is that it allows room for client reviews. People who have booked various places with them have a platform on the website on which they can share their honest reviews about the services they received during their travels.

Airbnb also has a platform where facility owners can air their honest views and interact with prospective clients before a booking. From the website, clients can also find places and activities that can improve the quality of their travels.

In terms of service charge, Airbnb bills their clients anything from 5 to 15% of the cost of the accommodation while facility owners are charged 3% of the entire booking.

Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO)

Founded in 1995, this platforms allow travelers to rent full houses in their intended vacation destinations. With their total directories amounting to 2 million directories less than those of Airbnb, VRBO helps home owners market their homes for temporary lease.

On this platform, both travelers and homeowners are given the opportunity to air their reviews about the property involved. This way, a traveler can gather sufficient information about a house before booking for it.

The major difference between VRBO and Airbnb is that on VRBO, filters are available to help travelers choose properties based on location, type, size, age and other exhaustive features.

On VRBO, travelers are charged an average of 9% of the rental fee, while the homeowners can choose between a yearly subscription fee of $499 or an 8% service charge on every booking made on the website.

In a nutshell, Airbnb would likely favor you if you’re looking for a larger accommodation directory for your travel. But if what you’re after is a vacation that is complete in itself, then VRBO may be your best alternative.

Why It’s Important To Change Your Car’s Oil Regularly

For vehicle owners, maintenance service is something you don’t want to joke with if you want to save money and do not ever want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere at an odd time. If your engine is going to function better, then you ought to change its oil at an average distance of every 4500 miles it runs. Fortunately, the cost of changing your engine oil is very little compared to the cost of fixing the damage that can occur from bad engine oil or an irregular oil change service.

Below are some reasons why your engine oil needs regular change:

  1. To Prevent the Effects of Friction in Your Engine

Oil is as important to your car engine as oily foods are to your digestive tract. If you fail to keep your engine well lubricated, it eventually would develop lots of issues that would make you spend more money in the long run than you would if you were buying oil.

Without proper oil change services, the friction in the mobile parts of your vehicle’s engine would eventually increase and generate heat that can cause an expansion of the engine parts. Once there’s an expansion in any part of your engine, the vehicle may begin to malfunction.

If you must avoid any form of malfunction in your vehicle, ensure to check your vehicle regularly and then keep it well lubricated with the oil that is right for your vehicle. You can go through the user’s manual of your vehicle or meet a competent servicing company to know the grade of oil that is suitable for your vehicle.

  1. To Keep the Engine at the Right Temperature

If you’re going to enjoy your vehicle, then you’ll do everything possible to keep its engine running at an appropriate temperature all the time. Regularly changing your engine oil helps to keep the engine cool and keeps your vehicle running smoothly. You’ll also put less stress on the engine and prevent frequent breakdowns when you change oil regularly. This is because the oil also acts as an engine coolant to keep temperatures in the engine from escalating.

  1. To Keep Your Vehicle’s Warranty Valid

Having an extended warranty on your vehicle is one way to avoid unnecessary expenditures on it. Nevertheless, you could possibly nullify the warranty on your vehicle if an engine problem arises from your failure to change oil on a regular basis.

  1. More Value for Your Vehicle

For one thing, you’ll spend less on gas, and your vehicle’s gas mileage would be better if its engine is kept in good shape by regular lubrication. Secondly, your vehicle’s market value would be on the high side as it would be running smoothly with little or no problem that limits its functions.

Changing Your Engine Oil Appropriately

The cost of getting an oil change for your vehicle shouldn’t be excessive as the aim of cost reduction would be defeated. If you want to minimize cost during an oil change, explore your locality or carry out some online research for companies that offer comparatively cheaper oil change services. You can also check for when companies are giving discounts for their vehicle maintenance services.

However, you should bear it in mind that reduced cost shouldn’t mean less service quality so as to avoid causing greater damage to your vehicle in the process.


If you want to spend less on the maintenance of your vehicle, you should regard and follow these tips judiciously. Do not wait until your vehicle develops a major fault before taking it in for servicing and oil change – you’ll end up wasting resources that would have been put to better use.

First of all, a regular oil change service spares you the trouble of an unforeseen breakdown (especially in the middle of nowhere). It also affords you a more comfortable ride because your vehicle would be running as smoothly as it should.

Finally, a regular oil change increases the market value of your vehicle just in case you decide to sell it off one day. This is because you’d have avoided mechanical issues that might have resulted from an irregular oil change servicing.