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Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

While planning for a trip as a pet owner, you’ve got to plan for both you and your pet. This is because handling pets while on transit differs completely from what is obtainable in your house. Having your pooch or feline buddy next to you in hotels, planes or buses require more than just their collars.

If you’re intending to travel with any of your companion animals, here are a few things to know before embarking on your trip:

  1. Check Out Location Circumscriptions

Before you set off on your journey, make a comprehensive research about your intended mood of transit, your planned accommodation and its environment. Some airlines would rather not allow some species and sizes of pets onboard for the safety of the pet and their passengers. Some other airlines would not have pets fly even in their cargo section due to the limited supply of oxygen in the section.

On the other hand, some hotels and countries have very strict bans against certain breeds of dogs like the American Pit Bull Terrier, German shepherd, Bull Mastiff, Rottweiler, and Wolf hybrid. Ensure to gather sufficient information about your destination before making any plans to take your furry pal with you.

  1. Plan and Reserve Accommodation for Your Pet

It’s okay to make researches about animal policies guiding the country you’re traveling to, but an online enquiry isn’t sufficient. It is best to place a room reservation and make direct inquiry about the pet policies adopted in the hotel you intend to stay in. This is because the guidelines you may obtain from an online search may be altered before your arrival and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to travel a long distance with your pet only to place him in a pound on arrival to your destination.

  1. Make Extra Effort to Ensure the Safety of Your Pet

Make further enquiry about the airline you intend to fly with. Review their most recent pet policies. If possible, ask their clients about their experiences with the airline with respect to the welfare of pets. Also find out the condition under which your pet would be flying on the plane, or staying in the hotel of your choice.

  1. Take Necessary Equipment With You

After ensuring that your pet would be accepted in the place you’re traveling to, you should also ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable during the entire trip. Ensure to pack your furry friend’s bag along with yours. A few things your pet would likely need for a trip include:

  • A foldable bed or sleeping mat
  • Compact drinking bottle and bowl
  • One or two toys
  • A leash
  • A familiar household item
  • Waste pouches


  1. Go with Necessary Documents

Some countries may require that you present documents that prove the health – including an evidence of vaccination, identity and license status of your pet before they are given entrance. To avoid having your pet sent to a pound in a country that is likely foreign to him, these documents should be arranged in a file or passport before you begin your trip.

The documents you intend to present must be approved by a licensed vet within a specific time period. Else, your dog might be detained for some time in countries and states like the UK and Hawaii before it is allowed to continue the trip with you.

  1. Ensure Your Pet Has a Valid Means of Identification

It is very easy to lose your pets during a flight and also in an environment still new to them. You need to reduce the risk of losing them by wearing them an ID or a microchip before they run along with other pets in the environment.

Just in case you are yet to have a microchip ID for your pet, the process isn’t complicated at all. It simply involves an insertion of a microchip just underneath your pet’s skin. Contrary to what is obtainable with collars and tags, the microchip – which cannot come off easily – helps you trace and find your pet whenever it leaves your side.


In a nutshell, if you do not wish to be separated from your animal companion at any point during your trip, first discover how the condition in your destination may affect your pet, and then take all what is necessary for the safety and comfort of your pet.

Summer Festivals Everyone Will Enjoy

Everybody knows that most festivals and public celebration do not always have room for children – and you have to exempt your kids from all the music and fun. But we’ve researched and listed out some fun-filled cultural musical gatherings where your entire family can get fully entertained with amazing arts, new foods and great music.

  1. Summerfest

If you’re ready to get your entire family thrilled with good music from the 26th of June to the 7th of July for a token of just $10 per person, then the Summerfest festival is where you should be.

Often regarded as the most celebrated music festival on planet earth, this event records over a thousand live performances that include comedy, bazars and music shows from top celebrities. You can be rest assured that there’d be no boring moment for any member of your family.

  1. Washington’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival

For 48 years, there have been a yearly celebration of the American people and culture in the National Mall in Washington DC. The celebration is known as the Smithsonian Folklife festival and it encompasses lots of music shows, story presentations, live performances as well as cultural classes.

For every year the festival is celebrated, there’s usually a focus theme on which all performances will be based. While the 2020 edition would focus less on music, the theme for this year happens to be ‘The Social Power of Music’. There’s also no entrance or ticket fee for this festival as it is absolutely free.

  1. Lollapalooza Festival

Of all the music festivals hosted in the United State, the Lollapalooza festival has more kid-friendly sections than others. It is hosted in Chicago from the 1st to the 4th of August every year.

The kid section include musical performances that are appropriate for kids, demos and games for kids as well as educative activities.

During the Lollapalooza festival, you don’t have to worry so much about your kids playing and getting lost in the crowd because you can tag them and find them easily even when activities are at its hottest.

  1. MusikFest

There’s no better place to get entertained while you’re completely relaxed than in the 35-year-old MusikFest festival that takes place in Pennsylvania for the first eleven days in August. The fun part of this festival is that is usually hosted by a non-profit organization and is absolutely free for everyone.

While this festival may not be completely appropriate for kids, the various activities and performances of artistes like Lady Antebellum, the Chainsmokers and Earth, Wind & Fire can keep your family adequately entertained.

  1. Potato Days Festival

For food-loving families, there’s no better festival to express yourself than the Potato Days Festival that takes place in Barnesville, Minnesota on the 23rd and 24th of August.

There’s usually a funfair, food contest, potato cook off, sport competition, a beauty pageant and a mini wrestling. You can be sure that no member of your family would be left out of the fun in this festival.

  1. Outside Lands Festival

If your family resides in or near San Francisco, then you all ought step out and catch some fun in the Outside Land festival from the 9th, 10th, and 11th of August. In this festival, there’s usually an exhibition of a variety of Californian dishes and world-class music performances.

Chefs and performers are usually grouped together for their exhibitions in a section of the festival known as GastroMagic. In fact, if you’re a foodie, you wouldn’t want to miss this festival because there’s usually so much food to go around.

As for the tickets, attendance for one day goes for $155 and $385 for the entire duration of the festival. If your babies are still being carried, you don’t have to pay for them to join the fun because it’s absolutely free for them.

  1. Vans U.S. Open of Surfing

The Vans U.S. Open of Surfing is the largest gathering of skaters and surfers in the U.S. It occurs on the 28th of July to the 5th of August every year at Huntington Beach in California.

With over half a million people in attendance every year, you can watch the beach activities, admire the captivating arts in town and attend various trainings and tutorials done by talented artists.

There’s no entrance fee into this festival and so even the children next door can tag along with you.

Missed Your Flight? Here’s What To Do

There’s no feeling as frustrating as the feeling you have when you miss a flight. It hurts badly when all the arrangements you’ve made for your intended trip would either have to be cancelled or rescheduled. In addition, people may end up seeing you as someone who lacks discipline and cannot properly manage time. While this may not be true, you just can’t help but feel bad about it.

Flights are more like the most expensive means of transportation. It wouldn’t sound funny at all knowing that you’d have to purchase new tickets the moment you miss any flight. But not to worry, most airlines understand that some things are inevitable and it is normal to have people who do not show up for their flights. In fact, it is actually a reality that up to 10% of passengers booked for every flight end up not turning up for the flight.

The fact remains that indiscipline and improper time management aren’t the only factors that can make you miss a flight. Traffic, TSA points and other factors you may have very little control of can very much influence your attitude towards traveling. Airlines understand this and have established certain measures to tolerate travelers who miss their flights. They could either book you for the next flight or place you among standby flyers so that you can get on the next available flight to your destination.

Nevertheless, you need to be extra careful because while some airlines may be considerate, others may have no measures to accommodate passengers who miss their flights. You might have to pay for a new ticket or forget the trip entirely – your travel insurance could be of help at this point. You even need to be more careful if you’re just returning from a vacation – as you must have possibly spent all you can lay your hands on.

But before you go worrying yourself when you miss a flight or you happen to be at a risk of missing one, there are some tips you can put into consideration to keep you from wasting your hard-earned money.

Request for another Flight Schedule

If you know you’ll certainly not make it in time for your flight, and you’re not ready to lose the money you paid for your flight ticket, simply request for another flight schedule. While some airlines may not charge you for changing your flight, you are advised to this early enough to avoid the extra charges that come with a flight schedule change.

Reach Out to the Airline

While it is courteous for airlines to tolerate customers, not every airline provides measures that cover passengers who miss their flights. It would be diplomatic of you to reach out to their customer service unit before the time of your flight if you’re not certain about catching the flight. By doing this, they can table your alternatives before you and possibly delay the flight or hasten your hold at TSA.

In addition, calling in time helps reduce your wait time even if you have to wait for another flight. You’ll struggle less to secure the next flight if the airline is specifically aware of your case.

You Can Request that the Gate Agent be Paged

Generally, your seat on a plane is usually given to another if you do not report at your flight gate 15 minutes before your flight. Nevertheless, there’s something you can do to save your seat even when you do not report at that exact time.

If you haven’t missed your flight yet, but remain uncertain about getting to the plane in time, you can request that the gate agent at the entrance to your flight be paged. This can buy you extra time so you can meet up with your flight schedule. Under this condition, the plane could actually be delayed for genuine reasons – provided there is one. If the flight cannot be delayed, and your seat has been swapped, you’ll certainly be able to get on the next flight.

Ridesharing Tips

No twenty-first century invention makes mobility as convenient as ridesharing. Through different car services, people can now access private transportation within a few minutes and then arrive their different destinations as quickly as they would in their own private vehicles.

Ridesharing happens to be the most common means of movement in the U.S today, and some active rideshare firms include Uber, Via, Lyft and Hitch-a-ride.

Whether you’re new to ridesharing, or you’ve been a regular user, the following details about ridesharing that would help you enjoy the service better.

For Passengers

Verify the Integrity of Your Driver

The very common ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are known to subject their drivers to a thorough vetting process before approval. However, this should not deter you from doing what is necessary to stay safe during your ride.

First of all, you need to verify the car and its driver before setting even a foot in the vehicle. Check if the driver’s appearance matches his profile on the app. Also ensure that the features of the car are same with what was described in the app.

If possible let the driver identify you by the details you provided on the app. If he’s truly your driver, he should know your name as well as where you’re heading.

Be Conscious of Your Safety

Most people have become so familiar with car services that they completely neglect their personal safety while ridesharing. During ridesharing, try not to ride alone – do it with friends whenever possible.

Also, let your family and friends be well aware of the details of your ride – location, pick-up address, driver details and possibly your online transaction with the car company. Never let rideshare drivers drop you off in directly front of your residential address – especially if you stay alone. This because several hundreds of violence cases have resulted from suspicious rideshare drivers knowing the home addresses of their passengers.

It is also important that you wisely select a sitting position in the rideshare car. If you’re riding alone, it is advisable to sit at the back, directly behind the passenger seat so that you can have an ideal vintage point to the driver and the road as well as access to multiple exits.

Observe Rideshare Etiquette

In the course of your ride, courtesy demands that you put both the driver and other passengers (if any) into consideration. Conduct yourself properly and do not discomfort the driver and other passengers.

Your safety should also be of topmost priority to you during your ride. Try not to discuss personal matters with the driver and other passengers. Nobody really cares what you did on the last reunion you had with your high school friends. You could also be giving away sensitive details of yourself when you do so.

Follow the Rules

While you should be concerned about your driver following traffic rules during your ride, you also need to adhere to the rules guiding passengers. Use the seatbelt and do not attempt to distract the driver or make him indulge in other engaging activities while driving.

If you wish to tip your driver for a service well rendered, don’t go all fussy about it. Courteously add a few extra dollars to your bill and exit the car. Tip your drivers the same way you’d tip the waiter at your favorite restaurant.

For Drivers

The unique extra services passengers enjoy during a ride is what differentiates a rideshare service from public transit. So as a rideshare driver, you need to put in that extra effort to ensure your passengers enjoy every bit of their ride.


Every passenger is entitled to a comfortable and danger-free ride. Ensure you adhere to traffic rules and rideshare etiquette at all times. Also know your stress limit and never overshoot – rest once you begin to feel stressed from driving.

Master Your Neighborhood

While most drivers would prefer to be stationed in cities with an encouraging number of prospective passengers, ensure you’re familiar with whatever city you choose to operate in.

Understand Your Passengers

Don’t go pissing off your passengers in a bid to engage them in discussions. Try to understand what your passengers want during every ride so you don’t end up making the entire ride awkward and discomforting for them.

Save Money on Your Next Holiday Using Your Plane Ticket

This might sound weird to you, but that ticket you toss into the first bin you see as soon as you alight from your plane could help you save a whole lot of money on your next holiday.

Vacations are expensive, especially if you have to fly to another country. But if you can keep your ticket with you a little longer, you could save a lot of money during your vacations. Some airlines offer their passengers a lot of mouthwatering discounts and promos as soon as they arrive their destinations. These discounts are usually redeemed as part payment for meals, hotels, car services and recreational activities.

Board the Plane with a Printed Copy of Your Pass

Given that digitalization is now the order of the day, it has become extremely rare to see passengers board their flights with printed copies of their tickets. They’d rather scan their passes from their phones or tablets. Well, maybe it’s high time you started printing out your flight boarding pass if you really want to enjoy these discounts.

Once you’re able to print your pass, and keep it safe after your flight, you can easily secure some enticing discounts during your stay in that location. Imagine how a small piece of paper could help you save hundreds of dollars during your holiday – and trust me, these savings really do add up.

To discover the discounts available for you, all you need to do is to present your approved flight tickets at the location you wish to stay.

How Do I Discover the Discounts?

There’s only one way to find out whether or not your expired plane ticket can fetch you some benefits – present it everywhere you go. This might sound awkward and embarrassing, I know. But if you’re really bent on saving a few dollars during your trip, you sure wouldn’t mind letting the waiter know that you flew with a particular airline.

Airlines that Offer Discounts

Well, it’s not like everyone who boards any plane to another country for a vacation gets to enjoy discounted services all through the trip. Not at all. Now you’ve discovered that there’s a possibility of getting a discount with your boarding pass, you need to make further research to discover the various airlines that offer these discounts. You can surf the net for airlines that offer these discounts as well as the countries where the discounts are valid.

  1. Asiana Airlines: When you fly with this airline, you get to enjoy half price entrance to their museums and city bus tour within the first week of your flight. You also get to enjoy amazing discounts when you use the Airport Railroad Express.
  2. Korean Air: Passengers of this airline are usually included in the Excellent Boarding Pass Program which entitles them to free drinks and discounted meals in Korea. You also get discounted entrance to various exhibitions at the National Theatre, as well as meal discounts from restaurants like Shake Shack.

With your boarding pass, you can also enjoy a lesser entrance to Daemyung Vivaldi Park and the Korean Folk Village.

  1. Turkish Airline: If you’re visiting Petra, or certain locations in Rome, you might want to fly with Turkish airline because you get a whooping 15% off your entrance fee as soon as you present your ticket.
  2. Singapore Airlines: Passengers who have traveled with this airline have admitted to have enjoyed various discounts in Singapore just by presenting their tickets. From the 25% discount to the country’s National Gallery, to the tremendous discounts in Australian casinos and shops, there is so much to enjoy when you fly with Singapore airlines.
  3. Emirates: If you’ve been wondering how you can afford to visit the attraction sites in Dubai, then fly with Emirates. They offer their passengers discounted entrances to Dubai’s most attractive places through ‘My Emirate Pass’ ticket scheme.
  4. Alitalia Airline: Get discounted entrance to museums across the city of Rome whenever you present your Alitalia ticket in Rome.
  5. Alaska Airlines: On presenting an expired boarding pass of Alaska Airlines, you can get free skiing and wine tasting at twelve different recreational centers in Alaska.

Explore Some of America’s Golf Courses

Golf has transitioned from being a rich man’s game to a sport that has earned its place among America’s most played sports. In fact, you can now join a golf course for as low as $200 provided you make your golfing plans in time to beat subsequent costs.

In light of this transition, we have made a list of golf courses located in different parts of the country. All the listed golf courses have in one way or the other made it very easy for everyone to access the game across the various states of the nation.


The Greenbrier Resort

Contrary to general expectations, the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia happens to be an exquisite golf course that rightly complements history with sports. Having being a location for the entertainment of golf players for over two centuries, this course has also been listed in the National Historic register.

If you’re going to play in this course, be prepared to meet with influential people as it is not uncommon to find people of royal backgrounds playing here at any point in time.


Sea Pines Resort

Covering about 5000 acres of landmass in South Carolina’s Hilton Head, the Sea Pines golf course is a world-class course that truly defines the elegance of golf. If you’re intending to play in this course, be ready to give your best because it is the one golf course that is frequently visited by top players of the Professional Golfers Association.


Indian Wells Golf Resort

For over one hundred years, the Indian Wells Golf Resort has drawn golf players from every part of America to Palm Spring in California. Among more than 100 golf courses in the city, this course happens to earn a spot among America’s best golf courses.

Having 3 dozen holes and a setting surrounded by mountains, this golf course is definitely one place you’d want to show off your golf skills.


Omni Tucson National Resort

This unique golf course located in Arizona is set against the natural desert and rocky environment found in Tucson. Having been designed by Tom Lehman, the Omni Tucson National resort has the most difficult golf holes in the world. Given that it has hosted over 30 PGA competitions, if you’re intending to play at this course you have to be ready to show off your best golf skill.


Grand Cypress Golf Club

Having 45 golf holes of the Jack Nicklaus golf terrain, the Grand Cypress golf club has once hosted the World Cup of Golf as well as the LPGA Championship. Every golf player ought to get at least one chance to play in this top-ranking golf course in his lifetime.


Pebble Beach Golf Links

If you are looking for a golf course with the most beautiful scenery, you should visit the Pebble Beach golf course. Pitched at the coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Monterey, California, this course allows you to play amidst the calming effect of the ocean.

Legendary golfers like Bing Crosby, Winston Churchill, Tiger Woods and President Teddy Roosevelt developed their golf skills in this great course. You should be ready to hone yours as well when you play here.


Bryan Park Golf Course

Of all the golf courses in North Carolina, the Bryan Park Golf course has the best golf facilities when it comes to the practice and teaching of golf. The course is surrounded by a green environment and makes for an ideal spot for most golfers.



With nearly 20,000 golf courses in the whole of U.S., there’s no reason for you not to exercise your golfing skills in at least a couple of them. Do not forget that golf is no longer a game for the rich alone, it now accommodates people of every class – just like every other sport.

Discover The Cheapest Hotels In Las Vegas

Whether you’re a lover of lively musical or comedy shows, an ardent admirer of historic materials and artwork, or you’re simply fond of casinos with all kinds of games, Las Vegas sure does have something intriguing for you. From the breathtaking street lights, five-star hotels and luxurious restaurants, to overcrowded event centers, the city can never cease to be the highly energetic hub it is famous for.

It is only typical that you spend a lot of money whenever you visit and intend to catch fun in cities like Las Vegas. Staying in top-ranking hotels in the city can be quite costly, but if you plan well, the cost for your entire trip can be greatly minimized.

There are some things you can do in time to reduce the cost of your vacation in Las Vegas.

Plan Your Trip Adequately

Unless you’ve been invited for a particular show or gathering, it might just be best to cancel that trip you intend making to Las Vegas on a weekend. The fact remains that most shows and concerts taking place in the city are usually fixed for weekends and as such, hotel prices are usually at their peak. Plan your trip for days other than the weekend, and you’re definitely going to save a great deal of money.

Also know that hotel prices are usually at their peak from around February to June as this is when visitors frequent the city the most. Rescheduling your visit to calmer months could help you save a few hundred dollars.

Gather Sufficient Information on Hotel Prices

While planning your trip, do not rely on just a single travel website for information. Try to discover the most affordable hotel rate within the city by surfing through different travel websites and then comparing hotel rates.

Even when you discover hotels within the same price range, search further for those that offer discounted services. Travel websites alone may not give you sufficient information about hotel discounts, you might also need to visit the individual website of each hotel for more details. 

Check Out Airlines that Offer Hotel Discounts

Some airlines offer meal, accommodation and car service discounts when you present your boarding pass in some locations within your destination. Simply check out these airlines and plan accordingly.

Check Out Vacation Bundles

You can shed hundreds of dollars off the cost of your trip when you pay for more items at once. While planning, consider booking your flight, accommodation and rental vehicle all at once as you can enjoy huge discounts by doing so.

To discover deals like this, visit travel websites as well as airline and hotel websites.

Take Advantage of Your Credit Card

Some credit card companies offer their customers bonus points at specific periods. These points could be redeemed as discounts for hotel accommodations, flight tickets, groceries or car services. You can save money by redeeming these points on your trip to Las Vegas.

When next you intend to stay in any hotel in Las Vegas, check for credit card rewards you can claim at the moment. You can also book your hotels via reward websites to enjoy discounts on hotel rates. Other forms of rewards like shopping vouchers can also be converted to discounts on hotel payments.

Consider Hotel Customer Schemes

When you frequent a particular hotel, you may become eligible to participate in the variety of programs they set up for guests. You get to build bonus points on every of your stay in the hotel, and the points can be redeemed as discounts or offers for your next stay.

These schemes can include discounts on accommodation, gaming or meals. So for every trip you make to Las Vegas, you could earn yourself a free stay at your best hotel or a discounted meal in a classy restaurant.

In a Nutshell…

If you’re looking forward to spending less on your next vacation in Las Vegas, you’ve got to plan adequately. Do your research for cheap hotels, hotels with discounted rates and those that offer holiday bundles.

Avoid using just one website and also be flexible enough to search through different hotels. And if you do your calculations well enough, you might just be spending your next vacation in Las Vegas without paying a dime for accommodation.

Thing To Know Before Booking A Ski Vacation

Just like every other vacation, ski vacations can be highly entertaining and adventurous. But you can end up spending a fortune if you do not plan wisely.

There are feasible ways by which you can minimize your expenses when you’re on a ski vacation.

  1. Search for vacation deals that are made available by ski resorts and opt for them. Also surf the net for resorts with reduced accommodation and service rates as well as discounted packages.
  2. Have an idea of the ski equipment that would be available for use during your stay at the resort. Find out if you can use sleds, snowshoes or skis provided by the resort, and at what extra cost.
  3. Plan your trip early and make your bookings for less crowded periods. While Christmas may be the best time to take a ski vacation with your family, you’re going to end up spending so much more than you even plan for if you take a ski vacation during Christmas. Choose a date that won’t have people crowding resorts and airlines.
  4. Make enquiry on how airlines might charge you if you eventually go with your skis or snowboard. While some may charge extra fees for extra length and weight, others may have more flexible policies surrounding baggage.
  5. Buy your toiletries and other personal items like sunscreen, gloves and socks before arriving the resort location as their prices may be increased at the vacation destination.
  6. If you’ve got a kitchen in the resort apartment, it would be best to cook your meals instead of spending so much in restaurants on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for an exquisite resort where you can spend a ski vacation with your loved ones without breaking the bank, here’s something for you.

Solitude Mountain Resort

From the Solitude Mountain resort located in Utah, you could easily go skiing on the Wasatch Mountain. Accommodation in this resort consists of unit apartments, luxury homes and inn accommodations. For a fee of about $200 per night, you can enjoy the following in the resort:

  • A well-furnished cooking area
  • Parking lot
  • An exterior heated tub
  • Heated swimming pool, game room, gym, theatre and sauna all located at the Club Solitude.
  • Ski classes for kids, adults and all level of skiers

The rate for this resort isn’t fixed. It can be increased beyond $200 per night at periods when there are more people, and it can also be reduced by discounts and deals. You could possibly get one night free for example, if you are spending four nights at the resort.

Château Beauvallon

The Château Beauvallon resort in Quebec, Canada would be a perfect choice of ski resort accommodation to stay in if you’re considering locations not within the U.S. It is very close to one of the best ski resorts in Canada – Mont Tremblant and is considered among the best accommodation in the vicinity.

For about $300 per night, you get to enjoy

  • Luxury suites with private porches and fireplaces
  • Indoor swimming pool and bar
  • Free breakfasts
  • Parking spaces

As a discount, you can get up to 25% of the normal rate off if you’re booking up to four days in this resort.

Keystone Resort

The Keystone resort is located amidst three mountains and several ski bowls in Colorado. It has different types of accommodation options that are priced at different rates. Some options go for as little as $160 per night and the available amenities in the resort include:

  • Ski and snowboarding classes
  • Free skiing for kids under 12 years during winter vacation bundles
  • Sleigh rides through the Soda Creek valley
  • A kids section
  • Ice skating
  • An overwhelming view of the Rocky Mountains
  • Access to a gym, spa and restaurant
  • Free transportation around the resort.
  • Free yoga classes

At discounted rates, you may be able to pay as low as $130 per night at the Keystone resort.

Is Booking A Last Minute Trip Worth It?

You may have wondered many times if booking a last-minute travel will help you save money. Well, certain conditions come with buying travel items during the last minute. If you’re the type with flexible vacation time and you can easily make preparations and leave for your vacation whenever you come across a great deal, you do not have to do thorough planning. But, If your vacation time has to come at a particular time of the year, things may not work out as you envisaged if you wait to book your travel until the last minute. But you may be able to book last minute travel if there are no activities like sporting events or big shows ongoing in your destination. Discounts are usually applied when some rooms are vacant as a result of little interest in tourist activities. So, you can call any hotel and find out if there are empty rooms.

If anyone is vacant, call other hotels to have an idea of what you should pay by asking for their price quotes. If the price is lower to that of your choice, let the hotel know that you’ve gotten a better offer at a cheaper rate (even if you don’t). Since there are more spaces with limited passenger, you have a high probability of getting more discount as the hotel wouldn’t want to lose you to the competition. This last-minute deal can be advantageous because of the enormous discount that may accompany it.

One downside of booking a last-minute deal is the possibility of being stranded because the rooms are all booked. It’s a risk that may not be worth it if you have a specific date that you need to travel. It’s better to book in advance in such situations to ensure that you get lodged.

Another thing you can take advantage of is the “fat finger deals” which involves huge and unbelievable discount. Hotels and airlines are known to do this on rare occasions, and it’s meant for the fastest fingers. Fat finger deals are deals that are entered incorrectly into travel booking sites. For instance, airfare may be placed at $33.5 for one-way when the actual cost is $335, and if you’re lucky enough to book it before it’s removed, you’ll be saving a whole lot of money. The fat finger deals is meant for people with no restrictions on traveling immediately, and it needs to be used as soon as possible if you want to ensure that you do not miss the fat finger deals, download travel free apps and you’ll receive updates other travel discounts. You can also sign up on different travel sites for their email updates.

It’s still okay to buy a last-minute deal, but you always need to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of these travel companies. Also, read and understand the cancellation policy and save enough money to have a fantastic journey. Your schedule and what you want will determine your decision.







How To Truly Enjoy Your Vacation

You might have been looking forward to your vacation, but you’re not sure of how to detach yourself from any disturbances during this time. You might have laid out plans on how to get the best discount on airfares and hotels. But then, how do you overcome the temptation of picking up your cell phone to attend to office duties? It’s not easy to have a genuinely unplugged vacation, as doing so requires discipline. Here’s what you should do to have an unplugged vacation.

Delegate Duties

Delegating duties is one of the reasons why you have colleagues or a team that you work with. Just like you use to have their back when they’re on vacation, they should do the same for you. So, delegate tasks that need attention before the end of your vacation to your team and leave the job for them. Checking in to see if they’re doing great isn’t necessary if you trust them.

Embrace the Reward

Your vacation shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to escape. Going on vacation with the belief that you are escaping will not do you any good. Thinking that way will make you feel bad when the vacation is over, and you’re going back to work. Instead, think of the vacation as a reward for all your efforts and praise yourself for a good job. Relax and enjoy your vacation with the hope that you’ll return to the office at the end of it all. Doing this will help you have a more peaceful and relaxing vacation.

Discuss Your Trip

Before embarking on your trip, let everyone understand that you’ll like to enjoy your unplugged vacation without disturbances. Emphasize the need for them to understand your decision and why you want to unplug for your vacation truly. If you let them know this, they wouldn’t want to bother you about office work or any problems at all. If you cherish your vacation, others will too. If you don’t, others will not see the need to

Go Far Away

The best way to have a genuinely unplugged vacation is to go to a faraway city where you will not be easily accessible. It’s even better if the location has bad phone service and internet connection. When people can not reach you quickly, they’ll get the message and try to do things without calling you every time. Also, you’ll not be able to attend to work online since there is no internet connection.

Plan Ahead

If you’re going to have a genuinely unplugged vacation, take it with all seriousness and have a good plan in place. You should ensure that everything that may disturb your vacation is put in place. Ensure that you do not leave any work undone and make sure your desk is clear before you start your vacation. It’s also crucial that you should write down the list of things you want to do while on vacation. Things like the places you want to see and the special meals you want to try should be on your list. Doing this will help you look forward to your vacation as it draws nearer and you can have a truly fantastic unplugged vacation.