Daily Habits That Damage Your Skin

Daily Habits That Damage Your Skin

In the world today, unlike before, we all want to look good.  Yes, more people are paying attention to care for their skin and there is now an abundance of skincare routines and products to meet their expectations.

However, what most people don’t realize is that they have so many bad habits that are responsible for their reoccurring skin infections and damages. Some of these habits come naturally to us such that we don’t even realize how negative their effects on the skin are. Such that even as people are actively taking steps to treat their skin properly, they are unknowingly countering their efforts by indulging in these habits.

Did you know that eating too many sweets can cause negative skin reactions? Another bad habit most people unknowingly indulge in is in taking long hot showers. A lot of people wrongly assume that the best way to achieve optimal cleanliness while taking baths is to soak in a long hot shower. On the contrary, taking a hot shower only causes drier and thinner skin instead of a moisturized and supple one.

There are other habits with a negative effect on your skin. Knowing which habit you should stop indulging in will help you watch out and stop them eventually.

Here are five other habits you should stop indulging in for the good of your skin:


Alcohol does damage

Taking alcoholics does more than helping you relax; it also has a damaging effect on your skin. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it is especially found in the skin.  It is very useful to the skin because it provides structure and elasticity. In fact, more recently, it is being added to body lotions and shampoos. Nevertheless, drinking alcohol causes an acceleration in the aging process and this results in collagen loss. This makes the skin become more vulnerable and delicate.


Tanning without sunscreen is risky business

A suntan looks good and appealing to the eyes. Staying in direct sunlight without sunscreen tends to darken the skin even more. It is for this better skin darkening effect that some people prefer to tan their skins without applying sunscreen.  That is not healthy or advisable. It only exposes them to a greater risk of skin cancer.

Overexposure to direct sunlight usually results in damaged blood vessels and this causes the skin to weaken, resulting in skin cancer. Therefore, you should always remember to tan with sunscreen and to put on protective clothes on sunny days.



Smokers are liable to die with terrible skin

“Smokers are liable to die young”

This is surely not a newly-coined phrase. Everyone already knows that smoking can lead to a shortened life-span. Yet, most people don’t consider the other damages it does to the body, even the skin.

Smoking drains your nutrients, gives you wrinkles, causes you to lose hair and creates bags under eyes. You ought to be more conscious about caring for your skin.


Sleeping with your make-up on

Washing the makeup off your face before going to bed is a very good skincare practice. Sleeping with your make-up on is such a terrible idea because it only does more damage to your skin. Without washing your faces before bed, the makeup would keep clogging your facial pores and gradually cause a building up of bacteria. Eventually, this makes you more vulnerable to pimple infection or dermatitis.

Wash your face before bed. You should use quality makeup too.


Regular Phone Usage

Research has shown that frequent phone usage could infect your skin with some form of bacteria. How?

Your phone is always exposed to bacteria all day long and when a call comes in, most people bring it close to their face unprotected. This constantly exposes your face to bacteria.

Also, there is currently enough research evidence to show that carpal tunnel syndrome can also be caused by constant texting. This syndrome often results in pains in your arms, neck and hands.


Summarily, looking good is your responsibility. You should more consciously cut off practices and habits that cause damage to your skin and create routines that improve it. Pay closer attention to it and consult a doctor when you notice skin reactions you can’t explain.




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