Daily Shower Routines For Beautiful Hair

Daily Shower Routines For Beautiful Hair

Do you desire to have lush, healthy and beautiful hair?

Of course, you do.  Who doesn’t?

This is why you ought to begin to take active steps to treat your hair properly. To do this, there are certain shower habits that you could form that will improve the quality and beauty of your hair. These habits do not take a long time to carry out so they can be formed into a 5-minute daily routine.


Hair Masks are a Blessing to Your Hair

Hair masks are conditioners that contain lipids and natural oils which helps moisturize and nourish your hair. It’s just like feeding your hair its proper diet. They help to strengthen and protect your hair fiber which is why anyone who desires to have a lush and beautiful hair ought to apply them. Apart from nourishing the hair, hair masks also heal split ends and damaged hair.

The best way to apply hair mask is to treat your hair with it about five minutes before you step into the shower.

It is important to note that before buying a type of hair mask, you should ask questions to be certain of the kind of nourishment that you’re providing to your hair.


Avoid Brushing Your Hair Immediately After You Shower

After taking a shower, do not reach for a comb or a brush immediately because your hair strands are in their most vulnerable stages at that moment. Your hair strands are more prone to breaking when they’re wet. So, after taking a shower, dry your hair with a soft towel and comb only when it’s still slightly moist or when it is totally dried.


Regularly Oil Your Hair

One of the best things you could do to your hair is oiling it. For many people, regularly massaging their hair with oils appears to be such an arduous task but it’s because they are not aware of the numerous benefits of applying hair oils.

Without oiling the hair regularly, the hair not only loses its shine, the scalp and the hair also starts drying up and this usually eventually results in split end. Split end refers to the tip of someone’s hair that has split as a result of dryness. This is a sure sign that your hair needs oiling. Oiling your hair provides some incredible benefits such as providing nourishment, moisturizing and preventing the hair from dehydration, stimulating hair growth, fighting off dandruff among other things.

You should begin paying more attention to oils and if you’re not certain of the brand of hair oil to buy, Morrocan Oil is a top-quality hair oil that will give you the beautiful long hair you desire by moisturizing the hair and repairing split ends.

The best time to apply hair oil is at night, right before bed. You can then wash it off the next morning when you’re taking your shower.


Form the Right Shower Habits

Bad hair is not suddenly grown overnight. Many times, they are also a result of incorrect shower habits. One such bad habit is the wrong usage of shampoo and hair conditioning. It is wrong to condition your scalp but many people don’t know this. Conditioning your scalp can result in clogging your hair follicles and this will result in the rate of your hair growth. Therefore, you should shampoo your scalp and apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair as that is the oldest portion of your hair.

Another bad shower habit is using hot water to rinsing your hair. Apart from scalding or burning your scalp, washing your hair with hot water can cause your scalp and hair to lose moisture, weaken the roots and cause the hair to break easily.

On the contrary, rinsing with cold or lukewarm water helps maintain your hair shine and moisture. It also aids blood circulation on your scalp and keeps your hair in peak condition.

Therefore, you should only wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. Yes, even in cold weather.


Taking care of your hair can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming but making these habits into a 5-minute daily routine will give your hair all the care it needs. That way, you will be able to grow that healthy and beautiful hair you desire.

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