Easter Activities That Kids Will Love

Easter Activities That Kids Will Love

Easter is a great time for family members to come together. You can use the opportunity to have a great time with your grandchildren during the holiday period. We have outlined some amazing activities that are fun and engaging for your grandchildren. Do you want some intergenerational fun? Keep on reading.

1.  Dye and Decorate Eggs

Dying eggs is an age long Easter tradition. Go shopping for kits that you can use to make great decorations with different hues of the rainbow. It will surely be a fun time for you and your grandchildren. There are many methods that you can use to make beautifully dyed eggs. You can even go adventurous and use unconventional dying methods with crayons or nail polish. Your grandchildren will surely enjoy the fun.

2.  Easter Basket Decoration

For generations, Easter baskets have been a gift that children have always enjoyed. You can keep up with this tradition with your grandchildren and also make it a fun activity at the same time. Buy a basket gift for your grandkids and add craft supplies to the basket.  Then join them in exploring their creativity by making various kinds of crafts and decorations together.

3.  Host an Easter Egg Hunt

Do you remember hunting for Easter eggs while growing up? You can revive the experience with your grandchildren by hosting an Easter Egg hunt event in your home.  The secret of making the event fun is that the search should not be too easy or overly difficult.  You can use a wider area is you have much space. Fill the eggs with something unique and earns a prize item. If you have older grandkids, a spooky after dark, egg hunt may be more appealing to them. Give them flashlights, turn off the lights, and start having fun.

4.  Plan an Easter Scavenger Hunt

The Easter scavenger hunt is another fun and engaging activity you can organize alongside your Easter hunt. It will be beneficial if you have a large space that you can use for the activity. While the younger kids are searching for eggs, the older ones will be looking out for clues that lead to the bigger prizes. You can order various printables online and use them as clues. You can also write your unique references and place such as certain locations in your home. Design the hunt with intermediate rewards to keep the children interested throughout the hunt.

5.  Cook or Bake Easter Treats

One of the best ways to have a good time with your grandchildren this season is to host an Easter feast. We all know that children love treats, so let them join you to do some cooking and baking. Cooking and baking are a fun activity for both boys and girls. Besides, they will be using the opportunity to learn valuable culinary skills that will be useful later in life. Try simple recipes such as sugar cookies and quick dips.  And of course, give them a tasty treat as a reward for helping you out.

6.  Find Bunnies in the Wild

Easter takes place at spring, which is the time that bubbies and their babies get active in the wild. You can seize the opportunity to get into nature and start searching for Easter Bunnies.  No matter where you are living in the United States, you will likely find cute bunnies roaming around in the wild. It’s time to have fun with nature, take your grandkids for a bunny hunt, they will also spot interesting landscapes and other plant and animal life.

7.  Organize an Afternoon of Games

Wherever you might be living in the US, Easter weekends should be warm for you go engage in outdoor activities.  So, bring your grandchildren outside to enjoy some fresh air and enjoy fun games.  For younger children, you can organize games such as Easter bowling or Easter-themed charade. The older children will enjoy playing football or road hockey. Get outside and enjoy whatever game that captivates their young minds.

8.  Make Chocolates Together.

Easter is the time for children to have treats. Candies and chocolates are two of the most popular treats at this season. Rather than just giving them, these treats, why not take your grandchildren to places where they can watch how their favorite chocolates are made? Stores like rocky Mountain Chocolate factories and many others can host tours around the factory. It serves as a valuable learning experience for your grandchildren.

9.  Start a Garden

Childhood is an excellent time for your children to learn a hubby. Easter holiday is an excellent time to start outdoor gardening. Thank goodness, your grandchildren are around to help you out. Gather the leftover Easter eggs, take your packet of seeds and call out your grandchildren to help you with your garden.  Fill the eggshells with soil, and join your grandchildren in planting seeds and arranging them in the garden nursery.

10. Make Customized Easter Cards.

Easter is another season of sharing with family and friends. You can use the opportunity to join your children to create customized Easter cards. Help them with craft supplies and sit down with them as they display their creativity. Giving our custom-made cards will mean more to a friend or family member.


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