Ever Hear Bad Advice Like These?

Ever Hear Bad Advice Like These?

The advent of the internet has made information available to the public like never before. You can find answers to virtually any question that comes to mind.  The downside of this development is that not all answers on the internet are intelligent, accurate, or good. Bad information is all over the internet, such advice becomes critical when it relates to your health.

Let us take a swipe at some of the common bad health advice trending across the internet.

Skipping Sunscreen

The human body has a natural way of creating Vitamin D that is necessary for the healthy growth of bones and teeth. When the body is exposed to the sun ultraviolet rays, it produces this essential vitamin.

Some so-called health website recently claimed that skipping sunscreen is the most natural way to get loads of Vitamin D. However, experts have asserted that this claim is not true. Going sunscreen free is not going to provide you with enough Vitamin D. Instead, it allows your skin to age quickly and increases the risk of skin cancer. Professionals advise that you keep on using sunscreen and also take vitamin supplements.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice that entails swishing a teaspoonful of oil mixture for about 20 minutes. This practice claims to detoxify the body, heal the gums, and whitens teeth. Actually, this practice is beneficial by offering several antibacterial benefits. But contrary to the claims of some online media, it is not a replacement for regular daily mouth care.  You should continue to brush, remove floss, and visit the dentist regularly.

Steaming Your V

Some of the worst health advice ever given is on an infamous blog called GOOP by Gwyneth Paltrow’s. The ridiculous advice the site gives is targeted at ridiculously rich and gullible people.

One of the ridiculous treatments this blog recommends is the “mugwort v-steam” which entails sitting on a throne and blast your lady parts with steam to “cleanse the uterus.” Expert regards this “treatment” as outrightly ridiculous and unnecessary. Such steam will never reach the uterus, and the Vagina is a cleaning organ that is doing an excellent job already.

Essential Oils as a Remedy for Depression

Although aromatherapy is known to be an effective natural therapy for soothing the body. However, the claim that essential oils from lavender, sandalwood, or basil can alleviate depression and anxiety means crossing the line. Experts agree that these therapies can be complementary to conventional medicine for treating anxiety and depression. But using essential oil remedy as a replacement for medicines can be dangerous.

Urine Therapy

The mere thought of drinking your own urine is downright ridiculous. But, search the web, and you will see tons of articles and testimonials claiming that drinking your own pee is the best medicine in the world. These urine-drinking enthusiasts claim that it boosts natural immunity, reverse hair loss, and prevent cancer! These people claim that the big pharma is keeping the secret from the public for their own financial gain. But experts say that no benefit can be derived from drinking your own urine.

Removing Your Own Moles

Some sources claim that you can remove moles from your body by fastening it with dental floss to cut off blood flow until it falls off on its own. However, experts warn that this procedure often leads to dead skin and can possibly cause an infection. The best approach is to consult your physician, who simply freezes the mole and remove it easily.

Using “Yoni” Rocks

Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have an affinity for “vagina treatments.” She recommends that you insert a stone rock into your pussy to remove bad energies, strengthen, and tone it! He sells these egg-shaped rocks for $66 apiece. Needless to say, experts disagree. They warn that inserting things into your “yoni” may lead to toxic shock syndrome.

Home Acne Treatments

There are many popular home remedies on the internet for long. Perhaps, the fact that treating acne requires costly “over the counter” options or prescription medicine makes people seek these cheaper remedies. Some of these remedies claim that rubbing alcohol, baking soda, lemon juice, and many other substances can cure acne. Most of these substances are harmful to your skin when used consistently as medication.

Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is one of the most popular raves out there. Celebrities, bloggers, and wellness sites all swear that colon cleansing will flush out accumulated toxins from your body. They recommend it for various health conditions ranging from skin problems to weight loss, and everything in-between.  However, medical practitioners claim that there is no evidence pointing to the presence of toxins in the colon. These experts even claim that such procedures can lead to perforations in the bowels and kidney failure.


Its Gwyneth Paltrow here again. The internet started bustling when she claimed to have tried apitherapy which entails getting stung by bees on purpose.  Practitioners believe that the venom from bees can cure various ailments ranging from arthritis to sores, and many more. Some apitherapy enthusiasts even vouch for the efficacy of “angry bee” sting and place an agitated bee on their skin for a dose of bee venom.

This therapy might look stupid and harmless, but a woman in Spain met her sudden death from apitherapy after two years of regular “treatment.”


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