How To Deal With Distractions While Driving

How To Deal With Distractions While Driving

As humans, our daily activities play a major role in how we live our lives. Everyone is engrossed and busy with something. But then, what happens when we fail to pay attention to happenings around us, especially when we’re driving? People end up in a ghastly or fatal accident as a result of this and many other reasons to be discussed below.

Manual Distractions

Manual distractions are those things that we do behind the wheel that takes away our attention from the road. We need to pay rapt attention in our daily activities, most especially while we’re behind the wheel. We should not eat or talk with other passengers or fiddle with the radio. We get easily distracted, and our attention turns away from the road when we do any of these.

To prevent this from happening, set boundaries in your car. If you must eat or have a serious discussion,  pull over to do so. Inform other passengers that you may not be able to have a serious conversation with them because you’re driving.

Visual Distractions

Majority of visual distractions come from your cell phone. You may be concentrating and driving on the highway until you’re distracted by vibration from your cell phone. Typically, you may want to check if it’s a relevant call/text and many things can go wrong in the course of doing that. Many people have had fatal and ghastly accidents that result from picking calls while driving. To prevent this kind of situation, your phone should be on silent. There are so many visual distractions that occur with a cell phone, and you must avoid them at all costs.

You may wonder how you can avoid using your phone If you need to use your phones GPS. Put your phone on silent, put your texts on silent, and use the voice option to listen to your routes. If you’re attached to your phone and always find it difficult to drop it, put it at the backseat of your car and put it on silent. It will be difficult for you to be distracted visually when you do this.

Mental Distractions

Mental distraction is a very common occurrence that can happen to anyone at any time. Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you were having a discussion with someone, but you do not remember some of the things they said immediately after? Or have you ever wondered how you got to a place after driving for a long period? The reason for this is our refusal to stay alert and active during these times.

To avoid manual distractions, listen to music or an entertaining podcast that’ll help you stay alert. If you feel the need to relax, pull over, and take a few minutes nap. You can also practice meditation as you relax to feel refreshed and much more before continuing your journey.

In conclusion, take note of these major distractions when you’re driving and understand how to cope and overcome them.

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