How to Expand Your Home with Self Storage

How to Expand Your Home with Self Storage

Does your house seem to be too small? Do you have several kinds of stuff muddled up and there seems to be no space to contain them? Then you should be thinking of getting a bigger house or add an extension to your home that serves as a storage room. However, those two options are too expensive for most people.

It cost and time is an issue for you, a more feasible option for resolving your storage problem is to go for a self-storage unit. It provides an easy avenue for you to store your possession securely so you can have more space in your home.  Follow the guide below to secure extra space in your home with self-storage.


What is Self Storage?

Self-storage is a unit which is rented out within a self-storage facility.  This type of facility is flexible, providing you with self-storage units of different dimensions such as a small 10 sq. Ft. storage, or a large 900 sq. ft room.  You can also rent a parking space for your SUV or yacht in a self-storage facility.

This type of facility usually takes the form of a large multi-storage warehouse. Renters can choose the floor that they want to rent. Although the ground units are more expensive than the other floors as it offers more convenience for customers.

Why Use Self Storage?

Storage units provide customers with a more secure way of keeping their possessions, rather than storing valuables in an unprotected shed.  Such places are under surveillance around the clock, so your valuables are always secure. Apart from the security, most of these facilities have staff that lives within and attend to customers around the clock. Besides, customers can use a personal lock to secure their storage units. As such, they do not need to wait for staff or wait before accessing their storage unit.

Many of these storage unit facilities open around the clock and on holidays. Here are a few scenarios where storage units can be helpful.


You Need More Space at Home

When you need more space in your home, you can turn to storage units to keep your valuables. Rather than throw away things that you might need in the future, the self-storage allows you to keep them without cluttering your home. The high security in these facilities keeps your mind at rest that your possessions are safe at all times.

You got Divorced

Divorce can cause a fundamental disruption that gets someone confused. You need a place to move your things while you try to get your life back on track. At such times moving all of your things to storage, or keeping the bulky items such as couches there is an excellent idea.  When you decide to move into a smaller house, the self-storage can hold your stuff you do not need immediately.

When you eventually need to move to a larger home, you can retrieve your items and get your life back on track.  A secure self-storage is a valuable option that allows you to keep your possessions securely and be sure they will remain intact when you need them eventually.

Keep Valuables Safe      

Everyone has valuables such as important documents, artworks, heirlooms and other important stuff you will like to keep in a more secure location. In such scenarios, you can opt to use a self-storage facility to keep these valuables securely. In case your valuables need to be stored under special conditions, many facilities provide temperature-controlled storage rooms.

Keep Vehicles Safe

Besides your household valuables, self-storage facilities also have dedicated parking spaces where customers can keep their vehicles securely over a long period.  Many can park trucks, cars, SUVs, or yacht. Do you have automobiles that you do not use all the time?  Perhaps a weekend car, or an RV you use on vacations. You can park it securely within a self-storage facility until you need it,


The self-storage facility gives you more space you need in your home by helping you store your valuable possessions. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that your precious possessions are safe. When you run out of space in your home, you can still keep the things you cherish by using a self-storage solution. Every state in the US has storage facilities, you can find one close to your home.


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