Making Your Pup Into A Service Dog

Making Your Pup Into A Service Dog

Pets are more than just household animals; they are more or less a part of the family. That is how important pets are to their owners. Taking care of pets help their owners fill any void in their lives they might be experiencing. Whether the owner has a family or not, the pet always acts as a loyal companion to its owner.

Most people are attached to their pets and sometimes overprotective. Such people often think that no one can take good care of their pet in their absence. Some people often stay away from vacations simply because they don’t want to leave their pet with other people. In spite of excellent services such as Rover and DogWalk, many pet owners prefer to take care of their pet personally.

If you are a person with a deep attachment to your dog, you should consider registering your pet as a service dog.  After registering your pet, you will be able to travel with your dog without having issues because of your pet.  People with disabilities and their service dogs are protected from discrimination by the American with Disability Act (ADA.) As such, you can freely rent a house, go out to eat with your pet, board a flight without fear of discrimination because of your furry friend. However, you must register your service dog to receive the identification and documentation that protect you and your dog from discrimination.

So, are you considering registering your pooch as a service dog? We present all the information you need to make your pet a service dog in the paragraph below.

Train your Dog to Provide a Task as a Service Dog

One of the prerequisites for registering your pet as a service dog is to make the dog respond to basic commands. Therefore, your dog should be obedient, else, you may need to get the service of a professional.  Your dog should be able to understand the basic skills of responding to instructions to sit, lay down, come to you when called, and returning to the previous position when instructed.  You should also make sure that your dog does not have bad habits.  It should not jump over tables without permission, bark at people randomly, or beg when someone is eating.  Service dogs carry out tasks for their owners, so be sure to get the basics right.

Register Your Service Dog to Provide Assistance

Once you can vouch for your dog behavior and ability to respond to your instruction, go ahead and register your dog at After that, your dog will be certified and given the appropriate documentation, and you will receive an ID that identifies your dog as a service animal. These documents established the fact that your dog can be with you at all times and you cannot be denied any service because of your dog.

Live with Your Service Dog

Under the provisions of the ADA, you cannot be denied housing because of your dog-even in places where dogs are not allowed.  Your dog can live with you anywhere irrespective of the applicable restrictions, HOA and Landlords are compelled by the law to allow you to live with your service dog.

Travel with Your Service Dog

When your dog is registered as a service animal, you can travel with it without any restrictions at all. The law covers you, whether you are traveling on land or taking a flight. However, you need to have the documentation with you at all times, and the service dog ID, and a vest if the dog has one. If you are flying, you should inform the airline in advance that you will be traveling with a service animal. There are sittings designated for people with service animals, and there may be other regulations that cover traveling on air with a service animal.

That is all you need to know about registering your pet as a service animal.  Are you ready to register your dog as a service animal? There are many resources online that can guide you through the entire procedure. So, go ahead and get your beloved pet registered today.


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