Meditation For Dummies

Meditation For Dummies

The world of today is filled with bustling and hustling that causes stress and anxiety for most people. People face various types of stress at work, trying to cope with job requirements and meet targets. The newspapers and television are filled with mind-boggling news of killings and violence in various parts of the world, sometimes just around the corner. Then, comes the financial stress, meeting up with deadlines for paying bills. An average American is almost always experiencing financial stress, so there is no time to go out, have some fun and unwind.

A study showed that eight out of ten Americans admitted that they frequently or sometimes experience stress every day. All these pent-up stress take the toll on the health. It has been proven scientifically that stress contributes to health conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. It’s not surprising that massage parkours and chiropractors have high patronage in recent times.  If you cannot afford some of these expensive therapies, you can turn to meditation to clear your mind and relieve the burden of stress.

The Benefits of Meditation

Many people do not understand the concept of meditation, some consider it mystical, while others think it is a frivolous activity that does no good. Some even see it as an activity by elitist who has excess money to throw around. All these notions are wrong, meditation is an integral aspect of holistic medicine that provides a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.

One of the most common applications of meditation is for reduction of stress. Research has shown that people under stress have weak immune system. Therefore, reducing stress will naturally boost the immune system and improve the wellbeing of the entire body system. With less stress, you will get better sleep, and your memory will function optimally.

It is essential to note that meditation is not a one-off event that makes you feel better. Rather, it is a change in your lifestyle. So, you should not focus on getting immediate results. But after practicing over a period, you will begin to see the benefits in your health and other aspects of your life.

Meditation in 5 Simple Steps

The procedure of meditation is not complicated, follow these five simple steps to start your journey to improving your mental and physical wellbeing.

  1. Find a Comfortable Position

First, you must find a comfortable position that is suitable for you personally. You will be distracted in the process of meditation if you are not comfortable, you will find yourself losing focus during the medication procedure.  So, it is essential to find a position that makes you comfortable before proceeding with your meditation. This position may change with time, as you get more comfortable with the practice of meditation.

  1. Focus on Your Breathing

Once you are comfortable and relaxed in your meditation position, you should then focus on your breath and the way the breathing process interacts with your body. Once you focus on your breathing, you will find yourself forgetting everything else.  This type of focus gives a wonderful experience that makes you feel nothing else exist apart from your breathing.

  1. Find Your Center

This is an important phase in the meditation procedure. This phase is about trying to finding your happy place. This means finding the moment where you feel focused, unfettered, calm, and completely at peace. Your level of meditation will be elevated when you find your center and stay in that moment.

  1. Perform a Body Scan

The act of performing a body scan means that you take a mental journey to navigate your entire body. Locate the places where there can be problems, stay in those moments until you flush out the mental blockers that are hindering you.  This act will help you find your center, it’s more like a form of internal reflection or a self-diagnostic check.

  1. Meditate Daily

Meditation is just like every other art that you learn that requires practice for continuous improvement. Therefore, you should meditate every day. The more you practice the art of meditation, the more you will master the art.  Continue mastering the art of meditation, and you will soon start experiencing positive changes in your physical and mental health.


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