Need A Hotel Upgrade? Read This

Need A Hotel Upgrade? Read This

A dream vacation means diverse things to different people. But everybody will agree that a first-class flight to a luxury hotel in a tropical paradise is awesome.  However, coming back to reality, this is not possible for most people. What you can afford might be an economy flight and a stay in a standard suite of a decent hotel. But all that can change with hotel upgrade offers.  Although you have to pay out of your pocket for most upgrades, you may be able to score an upgrade if you ask the right questions. Keep on reading to learn how you can score a hotel upgrade during your next vacation.

Avoid the Week

Most hotels get fully booked during the holiday season. So, it might not be possible to negotiate for an upgrade at such times. In the same vein, the busiest time of the week for most hotels is usually between Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most business travelers lodge at the expense of their company, so you can expect them to have paid for those awesome rooms. So, the best time for you to score a hotel upgrade will be weekends.

CheckIn Early

For most hotels, the check-in time starts from 3 pm. This time is set so that the cleaning staff can do their job and prepare the room for the next customer who will be lodging. You can take the initiative to check in early, chances abound that you can get lucky if the Upgrade Room is not booked yet.  The staff can check you into the upgrade room to give the cleaners time to get other rooms ready. Simply check-in, have them keep your baggage, and spend your time exploring the city.

Take Advantage of Frequent Guest Programs

Most hotels exist as a part of a suite of hotels located in various cities. Some even have their hotel chains in different parts of the world. Most of these hotels provide loyalty programs, sometimes referred to as Frequent Guest Programs.  If you sign up for such programs, these hotels will notify you when they have special offers during their off-peak season. You can take advantage of these offers to earn a hotel upgrade.

Book Directly

There are many online travel agencies that claim to provide the best hotel rates. If you book your stay through any of these channels, the hotel knows, and will not be willing to offer you an upgrade. The reason is that you already got a discount when you booked online.  So, you stand a higher chance of scoring a hotel upgrade if you call the hotel and book your stay directly with the front desk representative. All you have to do is to ask for available discount and upgrades, you will be surprised at the deals they have in store.

On the final note, you should inform the hotel about the reason for your visit. Tell them that you are coming for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary or a birthday. The hotel can decide to celebrate with you by offering you a surprise package.


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