Simple Exercises That Will Help Lose Weight

Simple Exercises That Will Help Lose Weight

Ask anyone who is taking active steps to watch their weight, they will tell you that gaining weight is much easier than losing it. To efficiently lose weight, there are certain lifestyle changes that need to be made which often poses a huge challenge to many people. Nevertheless, the best way to lose that extra weight is to exercise regularly. Even without gym equipment’s, there are simple exercises that would be as effective as long as you regularly take part in them.

Consider these simple exercises that will help you lose weight:


Use the Stairs

Using the stairs helps you connect one floor to another, right? But rarely do people consider it as an opportunity to burn excess fat. There are certain additional muscles that are engaged when you use the stairs regularly and this could serve as a workout routine. So, instead of using the elevator next time, go up or down a flight of stairs instead. Burn that excess fat.


Engage in Squats

Squatting regularly is the most effective way to lose weight. It is for this reason that a lot of weight loss instructors usually recommend it. This is because squatting engages a lot of your muscles at the same time which will better help you lose that extra body fat.

Therefore, engage in squatting routines regularly but you don’t have to over-indulge. The ideal number of squats to do per session is 15.


Dance! Dance! Dance!

Oh yes, dancing is also a workout routine and a very efficient one too. In fact, many folks enroll in regular dance classes not only to learn to be able to dance but they do it as a workout routine. One very good thing about dancing is that you don’t actually have to enroll in dance classes. Just plug in your earphones and dance around the house. It is an exercise too!



Running helps you work out your thighs and it is also a very good way to shed bodyweight. If you can help it, running is best done in the morning as it also works to keep your senses alert.

To make the most of your runs, take a one-minute break every ten minutes after running at maximum speed. You could also decide to use a treadmill, especially on rainy days but also apply the same principle. Doing that in three repetitions will help you achieve a more efficient result.


Hitch Hiking through the woods

This is even different from just taking a walk down the street because you can enjoy the beauty of nature, breathe in the fresh air while exercising your body at the same time.

Go with a friend just for security’s sake but remember as you walk in between all the trees, that the purpose of the hike is to work out and enjoy nature, therefore, it is best that you both avoid being too chatty and absorb the silence instead.


Lifting Weights

Lifting weights does not only build your bones and muscle, but it also helps to burn fats more easily. When you lift weights routinely, you also gradually make yourself stronger as you gradually lift heavier weights over time. However, do not make a sudden leap to lifting heavier weights. Gradually upscale it and avoid going beyond your limits as this can lead to muscle tear and other grave injuries.


Jumping and Skipping Ropes

Jumping rope is very good for burning calories. One of its great benefits for weight loss is that increases muscle engagement and at the same improves body balance. This is why boxers and kick-boxers do not take it lightly.

When you’re jumping rope, ensure that your wrists are engaged in whipping the rope and not your elbows. Also, remember to push your chest out for a more efficient session.

Jumping rope relatively costs you nothing but provides a lot of benefits. You definitely ought to add it to your daily fitness routine.


As you focus on losing weight using these simple exercises, you should remember that weight is not lost in a single session. The best weight to shed the extra body fat is to form a routine that you will regularly observe and you don’t have to enter a gym to do so.

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