Treatments For Lung Cancer

Treatments For Lung Cancer

Whenever cells grow abnormally within the lungs then lung cancer can happen. This can happen in just one lung or both lungs. These cells are not healthy, and they can often quickly separate in order to create a tumor. When the tumor begins to grow, they can stop the lungs from getting the right amount of oxygen and blood that is needed. The treatment you receive will be based on the cancer stage, health and age.

Natural Remedies for Lung Cancer

There are many natural remedies that you can use to treat lung cancer. However, none of them are cures, they can help to deal with some of the symptoms. Below are some of the natural remedies that some people use.

Ginger: This is a natural root that can help to fight nausea and that makes you feel better.

Gerson Diet: This is a diet made up of some grains, fruits and vegetables. It is full of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. There are little fats or proteins. It is recommended that you drink 13 glasses of fresh juice. 3 meals will be plant based and fresh fruits will need to be eaten and eating raw beef liver is recommended.

Cannabis Oil: Supposedly this oil shrink’s tumors. It comes from the marijuana plant and it can be mixed into food, squirted under the tongue, or inhaled. This helps with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Dietary Supplements: amino acids, minerals, and vitamins are known to help manage lung cancer. Vitamin B12 is a great choice as well as potassium.

Detoxification: Coffee enemas are a great way to detoxify your body. For some, up to 5 enemas each day are recommended as it eliminates the toxins.

Acupuncture: Needles are put into certain areas of your body and this can ease side effects and pain.

Hypnosis: Having a positive attitude can be underrated and can help to fight cancer. Hypnosis relaxes you and makes you positive.

Yoga: This can teach you meditation and deep breathing which allows you to be more relaxed and can help you to sleep better.

Massage: This is a great way to help relieve stress and pain of the body, while it helps to remove anxiety. The massage therapist can help to decide what parts of your body that you need to relax the most.

Juicing: When you take the juice from raw foods, you can get the nutrition that you are needing. It is best to drink fresh vegetable juice each day. The recommended items for juicing are green leaves, apples and raw carrots. This can help to keep you from becoming dehydrated. The easiest way to prepare this will be with a juicer.

Budwig Protocol: This is a remedy that will happen whenever you take away any processed fats and replace them with healthy fatty acids. When this happens, you will feel refreshed and your cells can rebuild themselves. A great way to get these fats is through cottage cheese and goat’s milk with flax are also very recommended.

Medical Lung Cancer Treatments

The treatment that you get will be based on your cancer stage and if it spreads what you will prefer. Your doctor can help you to understand what your options are and the types of side affects you may experience. Some treatment options are:

Surgery: Whenever the cancer has not spread, then this can be an option. The lung part that has cancer can be removed along with surrounding tissue. There are some cases where the whole lung is removed. After surgery, radiation or chemotherapy may be recommended.

Radio-frequency Ablation: If you cannot have surgery, then this treatment may be an option. A large needle will be inserted into your skin until it reaches your tumor.

Radiation: High dose of X-ray will try to destroy your tumor. This treatment can be a few days or weeks. This may also be used before surgery to shrink the tumor.

Chemotherapy: This is a very aggressive form of treatment which kills the cancer cells. There are some cases where radiation will be added to it. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs that are available.

When you are diagnosed with lung cancer it can be a confusing time. There are ways to cope with this and to manage the symptoms. Take your time and research various treatment options to see what would be best for you.

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