What Not To Do On A First Date

What Not To Do On A First Date

It is natural to be nervous on your first date with someone, even if you have had lots of dates before. From deciding on the cloth to wear to what to say and the place to go, lots of things should be crossing your mind before the date.

There is no need to worry once you know how to prepare for a date. Follow the tips in this guide to learn how to prepare for a successful date. Keep on reading.


1.  Don’t choose a location where you’ll be nervous

Location is one of the most important factor people consider while planning their first date with someone. Sometimes people choose to go to a bar or coffee shop. Casual places provide the advantage of cutting the date short if it doesn’t resonate with you. Some will prefer dinner in a romantic restaurant. There is no hard-fast rule; you should choose a location that makes you comfortable.

The rule of thumb is to avoid places and things that are unfamiliar. You are more likely to open up and enjoy the date in an environment that makes you feel at ease.

2.  Don’t Wear Something Uncomfortable

The thought of choosing an attire for your first date is overwhelming for many people. Sure, you should take your time not to wear inappropriate attire to the venue. You will want to look attractive and most importantly, comfortable. Your outfit should express who you are, while you are still looking presentable.

In any case, you should not wear an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable because it will affect your composure throughout the entire date. It will influence your focus, your conversation, and the way you represent yourself. Wear attire that makes you feel good and comfortable.

3.  Don’t Delve Too Deep into Past Relationships

You should know what to discuss about and the extent you can go in a discussion on the first date. One of such issues of discussion is your previous relationships. Some try to avoid the topic while others want to place the cards of the table to avoid future issues.  However, the first date is not the perfect timing to delve into issues regarding past relationships. But if it happens to crop up, you should be ready to deal with it.

When the issues about your past relationships come up, you should keep your answer quiet and simple, at least on the first date. A statement like, “We just decided to end it mutually” is an excellent answer that portrays your maturity.

4.  Avoid Talking Too Much About Yourself

It is common for people to try to hide their nerves by getting quite completely or trying to dominate the conversation altogether. It is good to talk about yourself, but you should not be domineering. Allow your date to talk as well.

It is essential to ask relevant questions that engage your date in a conversation. You will definitely strike an impression if you ask a question and look genuinely interested in what your date has to say. Do you know that curiosity is actually a sexy trait?  If you do not know the questions to ask, there is no harm in preparing questions and topics in advance. At least, your date will not know that you are prepared in advance!

5.  Don’t Focus too Much on the Date

There is a possibility to focus too much on the date and take it as an overly important event. This attitude leads to anxiety and stress, which prevents you from relaxing and enjoying the time with your date. You will have a better time together if you are not frightened or anxious while heading to the date. Try to look confident and calm, you will be able to strike a better impression and create a possible connection that way.

If you are feeling under pressure, remember that you do not have to be totally compatible with another person to have a successful relationship. So do not start comparing every aspect of your lives, focus on enjoying the time with your date.

If all goes well, both of you there will definitely be many other dates. If it happens otherwise, it’s okay to part ways without hard feelings.


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