Why It Is Important To Get More Vitamin C

Why It Is Important To Get More Vitamin C

It can be found everywhere, tastes great, and vitamin C will change your life!

Did you know that vitamin C has the ability to prevent all sorts of things, such as the common cold? Studies have shown that consuming a regular amount of it could help protect you from getting cancer too. These are just a couple benefits to getting enough vitamin C in your diet.

You read that correctly, vitamin C has been shown to have many different health benefits, making it a strong multipurpose vitamin. However, it can only work if you are consuming the recommended daily amount. If you are getting this, you can see many great health benefits.

What benefits does Vitamin C offer?

That is a good question, and vitamin C offers many healing and preventive measures against all sorts of ailments. If you’re feeling like a sore throat is around the corner, have some vitamin C. If you’re experiencing a cough, you guessed it, Vitamin C. It also helps when you have generalized aches, and been known to help against viruses. Vitamin C also increases the body’s natural resistance to infections, so in addition to helping us get over various illnesses, it can help reduce the risk of becoming ill!

Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • It can be used as a cure for cataracts by increasing blood flow to the eyes, helping improve vision.
  • It helps lower blood pressure and keep it regulated, while reducing possible heart issues.
  • It can help with reducing risks of cancer, similar to how consuming vegetables and fruits will help lower cancer risks.
  • It can help with development and growth of bodily tissues.
  • It can enhance our mood, providing a natural approach to a feel-good enhancer!
  • It has an important part in various bodily functions, and makes cartilage, bones and teeth strong.


How to get more Vitamin C?

Getting your daily supply of vitamin C is easy, you can either choose to take water-soluble Vitamin C pills, which will break down within your body, or by consuming certain foods that are rich in Vitamin C.

To get the best results, it is recommended that you use both methods. Figure out how much vitamin C you take on average through consuming foods high in vitamin C. Then, figure out the recommended daily amount and supplement the difference with Vitamin C pills, which you can find in most pharmacy’s and supermarkets.

For a quick reference guide on which foods are rich in vitamin C, below is a list. You can find creative ways to eat these, from making various types of smoothies, eating them directly as a snack, or incorporating them into a dish, which may be needed by picky eaters.


  • Pineapple (79mg per cup)
  • Strawberries (89mg per cup)
  • Brussel Sprouts (75mg per cup)
  • Mango (122mg per fruit)
  • Papaya (95mg per fruit)
  • Kiwi (128mg per two kiwi)
  • Orange (82mg in large orange)
  • Green pepper (120mg per cup)
  • Raw kale (80mg per cup)
  • Raw broccoli (81mg per cup)
  • Raw cauliflower (46mg per cup)
  • Grapefruit (71mg per cup)
  • Raw peas (58mg per cup)


Pro Tip

If you or someone in the household is a picky eater, you might find it difficult to get the recommended daily amount in your diet. If this is the case, choose the foods from the list above high in vitamin C, then get creative. There are many ways you can sneak them into recipes, from fruit salads, smoothies, to deserts. Another option is to create a food challenge with friends, get creative and make things fun!


How much Vitamin C do I need?

It can be difficult to consume the recommended daily serving of your fruits and veggies, after all that accounts for 5 to 13 servings per day! However, there is a simple way to get the recommended dose of vitamin C – simply take a vitamin C supplement in addition to your fruits and vegetable intake. For best results, take between 200 and 500 mg of vitamin c per day to boost the immune system.

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