Why It’s Important To Change Your Car’s Oil Regularly

Why It’s Important To Change Your Car’s Oil Regularly

For vehicle owners, maintenance service is something you don’t want to joke with if you want to save money and do not ever want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere at an odd time. If your engine is going to function better, then you ought to change its oil at an average distance of every 4500 miles it runs. Fortunately, the cost of changing your engine oil is very little compared to the cost of fixing the damage that can occur from bad engine oil or an irregular oil change service.

Below are some reasons why your engine oil needs regular change:

  1. To Prevent the Effects of Friction in Your Engine

Oil is as important to your car engine as oily foods are to your digestive tract. If you fail to keep your engine well lubricated, it eventually would develop lots of issues that would make you spend more money in the long run than you would if you were buying oil.

Without proper oil change services, the friction in the mobile parts of your vehicle’s engine would eventually increase and generate heat that can cause an expansion of the engine parts. Once there’s an expansion in any part of your engine, the vehicle may begin to malfunction.

If you must avoid any form of malfunction in your vehicle, ensure to check your vehicle regularly and then keep it well lubricated with the oil that is right for your vehicle. You can go through the user’s manual of your vehicle or meet a competent servicing company to know the grade of oil that is suitable for your vehicle.

  1. To Keep the Engine at the Right Temperature

If you’re going to enjoy your vehicle, then you’ll do everything possible to keep its engine running at an appropriate temperature all the time. Regularly changing your engine oil helps to keep the engine cool and keeps your vehicle running smoothly. You’ll also put less stress on the engine and prevent frequent breakdowns when you change oil regularly. This is because the oil also acts as an engine coolant to keep temperatures in the engine from escalating.

  1. To Keep Your Vehicle’s Warranty Valid

Having an extended warranty on your vehicle is one way to avoid unnecessary expenditures on it. Nevertheless, you could possibly nullify the warranty on your vehicle if an engine problem arises from your failure to change oil on a regular basis.

  1. More Value for Your Vehicle

For one thing, you’ll spend less on gas, and your vehicle’s gas mileage would be better if its engine is kept in good shape by regular lubrication. Secondly, your vehicle’s market value would be on the high side as it would be running smoothly with little or no problem that limits its functions.

Changing Your Engine Oil Appropriately

The cost of getting an oil change for your vehicle shouldn’t be excessive as the aim of cost reduction would be defeated. If you want to minimize cost during an oil change, explore your locality or carry out some online research for companies that offer comparatively cheaper oil change services. You can also check for when companies are giving discounts for their vehicle maintenance services.

However, you should bear it in mind that reduced cost shouldn’t mean less service quality so as to avoid causing greater damage to your vehicle in the process.


If you want to spend less on the maintenance of your vehicle, you should regard and follow these tips judiciously. Do not wait until your vehicle develops a major fault before taking it in for servicing and oil change – you’ll end up wasting resources that would have been put to better use.

First of all, a regular oil change service spares you the trouble of an unforeseen breakdown (especially in the middle of nowhere). It also affords you a more comfortable ride because your vehicle would be running as smoothly as it should.

Finally, a regular oil change increases the market value of your vehicle just in case you decide to sell it off one day. This is because you’d have avoided mechanical issues that might have resulted from an irregular oil change servicing.

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