Why You Need To Plan Your Trip With A Travel Website

Why You Need To Plan Your Trip With A Travel Website

There’s no doubt you wait eagerly for vacations so you could get your hands off work and relax in a location of your choice with those you love. Everybody wants this. However, I bet you also wouldn’t want to squander the little you’ve saved up in one year just within a few days of holiday. I’m sure you’d love to have the best time of your life during your vacation, and still have something to fall back on afterwards.

In recent times, travelers rely on the services of travel websites to save as much money as they can on every trip they make. Besides saving money, other reasons travelers may require the services of travel websites include:


Travel websites can help you enjoy every bit of your trip by linking you to the best hotels in your intended destination for just a very little token.


Travel websites spare you the stress of waiting in long queues and going from one hotel to another to book the most suitable accommodation. They remotely do all that for you while you simply make your choice by tapping on your tablet or PC.


Travel websites also help keep your holiday well organized and hitch-free as they help you decide on and book the places you wish to visit a long while before your trip.


In America, Airbnb and VRBO happen to be the most commonly used travel websites. Americans prefer to surf through them rather than go through the hassle of scouting and booking for desired details of their trips.

While the two travel websites may be similar, they are certainly not the same. The difference between them also help you decide which of them is best for you.


Whether you’re looking forward to staying in a single room or an entire house during your trip, Airbnb is the one website where you can find varieties of accommodation directories. It was founded in 2008, and by 2017, it became home to more than four million travel directories in over 190 countries.

From being a website where people book brief accommodations, Airbnb has grown to become a site where people can make their entire travel arrangements and have them sorted out.

The fascinating feature of this travel website is that it allows room for client reviews. People who have booked various places with them have a platform on the website on which they can share their honest reviews about the services they received during their travels.

Airbnb also has a platform where facility owners can air their honest views and interact with prospective clients before a booking. From the website, clients can also find places and activities that can improve the quality of their travels.

In terms of service charge, Airbnb bills their clients anything from 5 to 15% of the cost of the accommodation while facility owners are charged 3% of the entire booking.

Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO)

Founded in 1995, this platforms allow travelers to rent full houses in their intended vacation destinations. With their total directories amounting to 2 million directories less than those of Airbnb, VRBO helps home owners market their homes for temporary lease.

On this platform, both travelers and homeowners are given the opportunity to air their reviews about the property involved. This way, a traveler can gather sufficient information about a house before booking for it.

The major difference between VRBO and Airbnb is that on VRBO, filters are available to help travelers choose properties based on location, type, size, age and other exhaustive features.

On VRBO, travelers are charged an average of 9% of the rental fee, while the homeowners can choose between a yearly subscription fee of $499 or an 8% service charge on every booking made on the website.

In a nutshell, Airbnb would likely favor you if you’re looking for a larger accommodation directory for your travel. But if what you’re after is a vacation that is complete in itself, then VRBO may be your best alternative.

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